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    Price of Gyro's

    I should have known there would be a catch !
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    Air Gyro found their Sothern California Representative.

    I agree J.R. I had several cross-country hours logged at flight level 190 and above when I took my first helicopter instruction back in the 80s.I found my small amount of time in ultra lights to be more helpful in navigation than the fixed wing cross-country time. Same is true for gyrocopters...
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    "rethinking" the PRA

    Brent. You are welcome. You are on the right track and have the right ideas, don't let the naysayers drag you down. Some people are easily offended, I think some people look for offence where none is intended. If you show some guys a silver lining, they look for the dark cloud. M
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    "rethinking" the PRA

    Dean. That is how I felt when I joined the PRA in Dec 1973. I was 20 years old. It's also interesting to note that it was almost 14 years before I got my rotorcraft rating and bought my first Air Command. Unfortunately due to the altitude I live at, that experience turned out to be...
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    "rethinking" the PRA

    Scott, you are talking past one another. you're assuming that 100 % refers to every waking hour or all the time a person has. Tim is talking about available time or free time.
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    "rethinking" the PRA

    ..."Aero News In the main exhibit area, Autogyro of Germany, and Chesapeake Light Sport, the US distributor based in Maryland, are here with open and enclosed tandem models, and the new, enclosed, side-by-side Calidus. These gyros have been outselling fixed-wing LSA-class machines in Europe...
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    "rethinking" the PRA

    Whoa Scott.. No where in the world was Sport Rotorcraft in the same league as Sport Airplanes during the time periods you named (or any time period.) Regulation in the US has a great deal to do with the condition of our sport/hobby. I would challenge the benevolent dictator idea as a key to...
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    Gyroplane accident

    Ben. I think you're just generally misunderstood. :) A guy who pokes around in the ground looking for things that go boom, calling our safe little copters dangerous, why that's... well you get the idea. But I do see where you are coming from. And I can partially agree, I just don't think it...
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    Thoughts on the RAF 2000

    GyroPro This might explain some of the reason some older gyro pilots "jump" on the RAF more than other equally unsafe designs.
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    Happy Birthday Edna Breese!

    Happy Birthday Ed. From your friends in the Rocky Mountains.
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    I guess it is possible. I mean after all, I learned to land one... But I did have just a little more information than this.. M
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    SportCopter II - UPDATE

    Looks Good. Is there a turbo option for us High County Fliers?
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    DAY 1 2014 Rotors over the Rockies

    Day 1 Todd and I met Thomas Fernadez at Curt's hangar this morning. We unloaded the Xenon, installed the blades and cleaned the machine. Time for Lunch... We visited with the many gyro lovers from all over the US until the temps cooled down, and then it was time to fly. The Xenon performed...
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    Sport Copter - New Voice

    Welcome Trenna .
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    Chopper called in for birthday party

    How cool is that. How many kids can say they had their Grandpa at their BD party, much less that he dropped in in his helicopter. M
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    AirCam video

    Too many times twin engine airplanes take the occupants from the point of the first engine failure to the scene of the crash.
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    2014 Annual Report - PRA chapter 38

    PRA Chapter 38 held our 3rd Anniversary membership meeting this Jan 2014. Chapter 38 grew from our original 6 members in 2010, to 19 by Jan 2012, 31 in Jan 2013, to our current 44 members as of Jan 2014. Chapter members Experimental Rotorcraft (autogyro's and gyrocopters) have grown to 16...
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    Introducing Trendak TERCEL

    Paul While you are correct about the Experimental AB status for the US market, I assume the new TRENDAK Tercel will be sold in the UK, EU, OZ, and SA. All of them also use the ICOA type identifiers. I mostly wanted to put a bug in the ear of those at TRENDAK aviation to have someone fill out...