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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Hi guys We will be having our flyin for chapter 6 on November 2nd and 3rd at Russellville, Arkansas. I really hope you will mark your calendars to be there. If you have a project or flying gyro bring it. There will be lots of discussion and people flying. Other slow flyers welcome also. :drum:
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    Sonerai II LT Flight 225

    This is not a Gyro flight but it was fun for me. Just thought I would share with you guys. Here is the video link. Stan get your popcorn, and a drink.
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    The Landing you never want to see(Not a Gyro)

    I have been flying since 1985 and I have never done one as bad as Sunday. I had a camera on board so it is recorded and posted for posterity. YouTube - First Bad Landing I know I don't want to ever do this again. I have always said if I can't fly any longer I would give aviation up. Hope...
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    Freedom to fly

    Hi Guys I was just wondering about the freedom to fly in different parts of the world. What are the limitations in country where you live? I know that we seem to just be limited in the densely populated areas above 500 meters. Other than that we can do what every our license sayS we can...
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    You Tube tour of the space station

    I don't know if this has been posted yet but it is a very interesting vid.
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    Who is responsible for it

    I was sent this email and thought it would be appropriate for us on the forum. Each of us as voters are responsible for much of this Read this slowly, let it sink in, VOTE in November This is about as clear and easy to understand as it can be – please read it!!(all the way to the...
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    RAF for sale on Barnstormers

    I was just on Barnstormers and found this RAF for sale. I don't know anything about this a/c or the builder but it hasn't been modified. Says that it is like new but why???? The price is really low for this, I'm wondering how many hours it has on the hobbs...
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    Chapter Meeting

    I am looking for a good date for our next meeting guys. I would like for it to be th end of March or the beginning of April. Any of you members have a suggestion? You can contact me on my cell or here. Thanks for your input guys. Hope everyone had great holidays and our next meeting will be...
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    Looking For Xtra Set of RAF Rotor Blades

    If the price is right I could be interested in a good set of blades. Please PM me and I will call you. I prefer RAF blades. I am using a 2 foot Hub bar. so the blades should be 14 foot each.
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    Almost flying season

    Well it's almost flying season Guys. This March came in like a Lion so maybe it will go out like a lamb. How many hours will most of you put on your Gyros this year? I know I can hardly wait to take my doors off, enjoy the updrafts and just cruise around. Fly Safe my Friends.:plane:
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    Daylight Savings Time

    I know I am sick and tired of the constant change in our time. I have gotten old and I want to go to sleep at the same time every day. During the summer my wife and I have trouble getting our grandsons to go to sleep when it is still daylight outside. If the government wants to do an...
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    Kissing the runway.

    Well this is really not what you want to do. Yesterday It was windy 20 to 30 with gust to 35. It was 80 to 90* cross wind from my runway. I have taken these days to improve my windy flying experience just in case I ever get stuck somewhere and it is really windy. It was probably the...
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    To Be Or Not To Be A Gyro Pilot

    I first became interested in gyros in 1985. It really was my first time seeing one. The pilot that really interested me was Dennis Fetters. It was Sun N Fun Lakeland, Fla.. Somewhere deep in my mind I knew I wanted to learn to fly one. I would read every article that I came across about...
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    Fascination with Danger

    Why are we so fascinated with things or activities that can kill, Mame, or hurt us?\\ I have seen people sit around a fire on a day when the temp is over 80 degrees. Some have sat there for hours watching the flames lick the wood as others kept putting wood on. It is IMO the basic danger and...
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    Magnolia Arkansas Fly-in

    There will be a Joint PRA 20 AND PRA 6 Fly in on June 14 and 15 at Magnolia Airport. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the flying and the camaraderie at the this event. There should be food and drinks. Hope to see you there.
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    Pegasus Helicopter another attempt at jet tips

    Here is another attempt at jet tipped rotors and a heli. Seems to do O.K. enjoy
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    Wanted RAF 2000

    Anyone know of any RAF 2000 for sale in the 25k range? This is not for me but one of the members on the forum. I have a few ideas but the RAF needs to be either still in the kit form or flying.
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    N5127C RAF2000GTXSE My Build And Designated Conditions Inspector.

    Today is a great day even tho it is raining. I received my temporary Conditions Inspections License. It was great. I showed all my pictures back to when I started with raw material and Just the Keel riveted. He took one look and signed me off. He then issued me a temporary lic so that I...
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    Blade Tracking

    The first time I put my blades on they seemed smooth as a babies behind. Ron Menzie did some adjustments and smoothed them even more. This was in December of 06. When I flew again in June the rotors had to be adjusted again. Now a few weeks ago the blades began to shake again. I tracked them...
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    Verticle Speed in a one or two place gyro landing

    The typical gyro landing is really like a bird landing on a twig. You just touch down, if you have any throttle reduce it immediately, just a little back cyclic to arrest the forward flight and it causes an immediate stop or little roll, hold the nose up for a few seconds then push forward to...