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    Possible source for Fuel Tanks Ethanol gas They make gas tanks up to 15 gallons,
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    Auto Vs Snowmobile

    All of the 4 stroke auto engines ,I have worked on , have a harmonic balancer. The snowmoblie engines do not. John of Rotortec states the Weber engine must have a flywheel or the engine will be be damaged. So my question is, what is the harmonic balancer on the snowmobile engines?
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    Jennings get together, 2 helicycles were present

    Heres a little bit of the fun we had at Jennings
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    Law Enforcement Patches

    I hate to post with so much violence already posted, but it so many people from so many parts of the the US and other parts of the world are members of this forum. On March 14, 2011, the USM Task Force in Virginia was executing a warrant, when they were ambushed. The suspect was armed with a...
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    Weber 750 Links

    I am starting this thread to have a common place to look up various parts, suppliers, information pertaining to the Weber 750 engine. If you have a link to add, please add a description to the thread so we can screen the links for our particular needs. AS WITH MOST BUSINESSES, MENTION AIRCRAFT...
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    Nice Float video I don't know if this has been discussed. I did not see it.
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    Robinson R44 on ebay

    here is ebay link
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    Inflight adjustable Trim

    It has been cold and wet in Louisiana, So I thought it would be a good time to make some parts that I have been promising some friends. So I said maybe it will help some newbie to see how I did it and he can make his own or improve what I have. All Aluminun is 6061-T6 cutoffs , I had laying...
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    Opelousas Flyin

    I finally got some video of our flyin in Opelousas. It is cutdown and I recopied the files several times so some of it is jumpy, Still it is a pretty good example of Louisiana Chapter 20. My son got his first gyro ride. He is building a gyro now. There was much more flying but I will have to...
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    Rotorshake trouble shooting

    I know that we can search the threads for answers to our problems with rotor shake but would someone like Al Hammer, Doug Riley, C Batey, Pete or other posters who have a gift for posting technical statements into layman terms, please post the step by step procedure to diagnosing rotor shake and...
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    Electric motor 67 hp/30lbs

    This may open up the ultralight possibilities. I guess it will depend on Battery weight and running time.
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    Chapter 20 fly in.

    We had storms predicted today, but the airport was great except for about 1 hour during the lunch time. This picture says it all.
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    ROTAX Carb Icing

    Could someone who has experienced carb icing in a Rotax tell me what it was like. My engine quit yesterday and for no appearent reason. Wind was 12 mph, I was climbing from about 15 feet and it quit at about 100 feet.
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    Prerotor Tach information

    I have a pulse coil that I would like to try for the trigger for my rotor tach. Question is what tachometer are recommend for this type setup and why? I think I have heard of a Red Loin. Does that sound right?
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    Out of Business??

    I have been trying to contact Leading Edge Air Foils but have been unsuccessful. When I did get thru on the 800 number, the party on the other end informs me that they are no longer in business. Does anyone know for sure? Their web page has not announced anything.
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    Scott's Butterfly is off to a good start Sorry about the shaking and out of focus .
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    Chuck, Doug and Udi

    Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of using a "v"grooved drum to drive the prerotor wheel (shaped to fit the groove) as opposed to the flat drum and flat rubber wheel?
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    HELP! Computer does not boot, display or run hard drives

    HP Spectra vl420 was working when it was replaced by a friend for an upgraded computer. The modem was removed and he formatted the disc to erase all data. It has windows xp recover disc but nothing works short of the start up. It has power to the mother board and fans work. Monitor does not...
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    Gonzales Flyin

    Rudy , Is the Gonzales Flyin going to be Saturday March 8th?
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    Mike Boyette

    Mike, I have read that CLT Gyros are "ugly as butt". Not starting an Argument here. I have to say that Ernie making his tall tail availble to builders who are not flying the Dominator line of gyros, has given us homebuilders an oppurtunity to have a quality designed and built tail that just...