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    Law Enforcement Gyroplane Part II New article

    Here is the latest write up from the local paper. We are still looking for an agency to adopt up. Please share the information...
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    Law Enforcement Gyroplane

    I don't come to this site much anymore after much of the hate that was being spewed. However, I thought it worthy of a reattempt as we market our gyroplane grant to the public safety world. This article is not 100% accurate. We are offering the gyro with pilot to an agency that would like...
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    private messages

    Just curious if with the new Forum format is we lost private message capabilities. Thanks in advance.
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    Flying with the Angels... Kent Goddard

    Sad news to report but our dear friend Kent Goddard has passed away due to congestive heart failure. He is in Heaven soaring with the angels. RIP my friend.
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    Gyro for sale Poking around on the internet and saw this add...
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    New Aerotrek ELA Enclosed!!!

    There is new life and new models from aerotrek. Could be interesting.
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    A positive article for gyros in a magazine

    So the Law Enforcement Technology magazine just published an article about the use of "gyrocopters" in law enforcement. Although not all the facts are right the article is pretty good. My only big bitch is the correct clasification based on US (FAA) standards is gyroplane... Just a pet peave...
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    Heim Rods

    Can anybody tell me what the threaded insert that is placed into the end of a control rod is called? This is for a special project that I am working on. I intend to insert male heim style bearings into the ends. The ends are inserted into the tubing, then drilled and a bolt placed through...
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    PAL-V Press Release

    I am amazed at the marketing that the PAL-V is going through and does not anticipate production till 2018. They are now stating the PAL-V Liberty is redesigned for side by side seating. YOU TOO CAN PLACE YOUR PREORDER for a STANDARD CATEGORY PART 27 CERTIFIED ROTORCRAFT in the USA. I will...
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    Kermit continuing flight log

    So I am starting a new thread to report on the continuing progress and flights related to my Aviomania convertible. On June 14 I removed Kermit from the trailer after the long trip back from Rotor's Over the Rockies. I did a complete inspection and found no issues. I did do a minor...
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    Update on Kermit

    Well folks, without rambling I want to give a brief update on Kermit and our progress. As many of you are aware I have had some job issues the past year. The railroad cut over 6000 jobs and I got laid off (furloughed) last year. I drove dump truck for about 10 months working 60-70 hours a...
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    Well folks you might have noticed that I have been quiet for a few days. On Thursday September 17 my brother Edward was brutally murdered in Rapid City. Here is a link on the news story...
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    Aviomania takes flight in the usa!!!

    Kermit the enclosed gyroplane kit too to the air for the first time today. Test pilot was Mike Burton and the aircraft and Yamaha engine performed excellent. More details later but initial impressions are incredible.
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    24' blades for sale

    The blades are sold>>>
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    Air Brush Artist

    OK Utah gang. I need an airbrush artist in the Salt Lake / Spanish Fork / Brigham City area for the week of ROTR. If you know anybody that is good please let me know right away so I can make contact. It is not a huge project but will be cool and I would like to get it done when I am at ROTR...
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    transponder questions

    Hi gang, I am working on the install for my genesis and am struggling to understand something with the transponder and encoder. The encoder is supposed to hook to he static port of the system. My cabin has several areas for the pressure to exchange. I am not using an independent altimeter...
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    trailer shipping help

    OK gang, I need help. I ordered a custom enclosed gyro trailer out of Douglas, GA and the cost of shipping it to SD by regular shuttle is huge. I am trying to find someone or a company that I can trust to bring it up here. If anybody has any ideas or is interested in helping with this please...
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    Rotax C Box

    What type of oil do guys use (brand and specification) in a Rotax C Box. I am curious about quantity and brand that people recommend and why. Somewhere I read something about antifoaming products??? Please share your thoughts.
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    Bolts and Washers and Nuts or am I "Nuts"

    So I have a simple question to ask about bolts, nuts and washers. I have researched at length what fasteners should be used in aviation applications. In my kit I was supplied with 100% AN aircraft grade fasteners. :whoo: In my research I have struggled to find an answer to a specific...
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    Aviomania Build Thread

    Let the fun begin...well sorta. I received the first part of the first Aviomania GS1C-Enclosed Gyroplane today. It was a very heavy box of parts from Aircraft Spruce. I would estimate over 200 each nuts and bolts, over 400 washers, cables for the rudders, fuel tank fittings and many other...