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  1. GyrOZprey

    Great gyro video ...from Florida!

    Gyro- Joe ....YES! awesome flying in your amazing playground!
  2. GyrOZprey

    PSA on TAG rotors.

    On behalf of the Designer of Titanium gyros & CEO of TAG Aviation ,Neil Sheather, I have been asked to post pictures of sections of his TAG rotor ...that was examined in detail by an independent composite engineer ...along with a close scrutiny of the manufacturing process in the composite shop...
  3. GyrOZprey

    ASRA new safety directive for TAG gyroplane.

    All our USA TAG owner's have received this information prior to the publication of the ASRA Safety Directive and are aware! The text of the SD reviews the new information & observations that provide more information on the likely cause of the tragic accident in Western Australia!:rip: The...
  4. GyrOZprey

    2017 TAG Kelpie for sale

    Rare opportunity to get a great machine at a good-deal price! Only Kelpie version in USA .... has rough field / soft field larger tires! Reluctant forced sale due to financial consequences in aftermath of Hurricane Florence! Just a FYI, my Black-Friday sale ends tomorrow. I will be placing...
  5. GyrOZprey

    Open-ness vs dealership/ manufacturer loyalty.

    I have been on BOTH SIDES of this conundrum! Jim & I caught both flack and kudos for publicly revealing the boondoggle that his experience with his TGB butterfly gyro turned out to be! ..... we worked earnestly with the manufacturer for TWO years before he started legal process when it was...
  6. GyrOZprey

    South African article on gyro crashes! Interesting & well put!
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    A curious forum ERROR message!

    I had noticed this forum glitch previously ... but it seemed to sort itself out between visits! TODAY ... on my own thread ...I was blocked from viewing due to the last poster being G2K ... this message comes up ...." You are not authorized to view this page"! ... on EVERY & ANY post or...
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    Bensen days 2018

    The early birds have arrived ..... Norm L ,Gary Mullins, Chris Toevs ... Steve McGowan en route ... resident morons busy with 3-4 hangars open ... Slow Joe’s hangar grill open for special friends!😁...... warm temps , sunshine and frisky winds .... looks like a great year for the first Classic...
  9. GyrOZprey

    Misrepresentaion - CORRECTION!!!

    This inaccurate statement below ( in BOLD) .... from another thread discussion on rotor systems really irritated me ... pretty sad coming from some one I respect & whose product I applaud! ... I sat on it for a week & now decided it needs to be addressed! "We manufacture our machines in the US...
  10. GyrOZprey

    ...A new chapter ... 3 years after

    Doug Hughes ..set the "gyronimo" cat among the DC Capitol pigeons! looks like the DC airspace will get tightened up some more!!!!:eek::eek:
  11. GyrOZprey

    Tiggy-B "project" ....FOR SALE!

    I'm going to offer Jim's Tiggy-B 310+ HP Subaru powered Turbo-Golden Butterfly for sale a near-finished project .....For ONE Year!! Then I will sell it parted out ... if there are no takers for it whole! By this time next year Dec 2018 I hope to have a large hangar shed on the farm to...
  12. GyrOZprey

    Search for old threads???

    Is there any way on this stupid new forum format to search for "All threads/topics - or posts" by ..." poster name" ??? ... I'd like to revisit some of my old threads build stuff etc ... but seems to be impossible to find in the old way I was accustomed to! ... even going laboriously trolling in...
  13. GyrOZprey

    Flying from Arizona to KBFF 2017

    As FB is much easier to post many pics ...& I took heaps! ... here is the album link ( public setting) for my pictures of Britta & my flights to El Mirage KBFF 2017 - Monday 2 weeks ago & the return to San manuel - last week! I will be adding to it in several sessions...
  14. GyrOZprey

    NEW Titanium Autogyro WEBSITE

    :cool: FINALLY ... the new website is up ..... Enjoy!
  15. GyrOZprey

    For SALE ... NO waiting ....

    If you are ready for a sweet-flying Titanium Explorer ..... located in Kansas deliverable to Dallas area in the next month. ... see the Ad in FOR SALE forum topic!
  16. GyrOZprey

    Titanium Explorer

    IMG_3756.JPG ( with heavy heart ... my buddy on many 2016/2017 flying adventures) FOR SALE ...... 2016 ....Ferrari yellow 912 Titanium Explorer 200 hr ( will have fresh YCI & rotax carby service) ... you all know my faithful yellow "Pegasus" ... that has taken me from Kansas to Florida & back...
  17. GyrOZprey

    Off to EAA Airventure & Mentone !!!

    God willing ...(& my cranky old truck!!!???) ... all packed ready to roll.... after a wild 2 weeks getting new gyros out of container & one up to Newton! (My Aussie tourer) ... unfortunately ... have to take the faithful yellow one to OSH & Mentone ... tested the longer rotror off the red one...
  18. GyrOZprey

    Those Magnificent men in their Magnis!

    Four intrepid gyroplane pilots from Lonestar Magni Gyro have landed in Havana Cuba!!!! Mike was the active pilot of the white Gryo, N848CG!😁 — with John Craparo and Michael Baker. ... .pic below! Anyone on FB may have seen the posts & spot-tracks of the daring duo .... Dabbs-Craparo team ...
  19. GyrOZprey

    Titanium Adventures ...Down Under!

    My TE gyro-gypsy adventures around SE Australia is drawing to a close ...what a fantastic month ...47 hours on the new gyro ...about 3000 Nmiles flown! An absolutely stellar reception by the Down-under gyro community with magnificent hospitality + aid & abetting in my mission ... no matter...
  20. GyrOZprey

    Titanium Explorer - ASRA awards

    ... honored to be voted " Best presented gyro" ... kudos to Neil Sheather on his attention to detail and Sam Polyak .. for the flight testing and tuning!