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    Miss Gidget Twinstarr Gyro up for sale

    Ok with great thought :Cry: I`ve decided to sell my Gyros (Gadget listed earlier) & wanted to offer them here to Forum Members before advertising elsewhere. If your coming to the convention then this would be a perfect time to stop by & pick one up! I built this Twinstarr to the standards that i...
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    Go Go Gadget Up For Sale

    Well Guys after much thought :Cry: I have decided to part with my Prize Gyro. Here is your chance to own one of the most Awarded, Viewed, Talked about, Photographed, Drooled on Bensen on the planet! I'm offering the Gadget just before the PRA Convention so if you are traveling to the convention...
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    Mac cdi

    I have two Mac CDI units to sell. If interested please PM for more info. I have not built any for a while so here is your chance to get a new one!
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    72 Mac Rings For Sale

    I have some 72 Mac Rings left to sell if needed. Get`M while you can! PM for more info.
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    MAC Carbs Forsale

    I have 3 Mac Holley Carbs ready to ship if needed? This will be the last of the carbs. Thanks
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    Tennessee Props For Sale

    I have ONE NEW Tennessee Props left to sell! One for EA 81 Direct Drive. 525.00 + ship = 50.00 Savings EA 81 52X26 LH Drilled 6 Holes 3/8 X 4 3/8 with 2 1/4 center hole Thanks PM for info
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    90 Mac Rings For Sale!

    I have 6 Set of 90 HP Mac Rings ready to ship out, Get `M while you can. Best Rings you can get! :boink: 80.00 Set 7.00 Ship lower 48 _____ 87.00 PM me for info. Thanks
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    Jack Tiffany has Passed Away

    Sad news to the aviation world, Jack Tiffany owner-restorer of the Pitcairn Auto Gyro has passed away Sat Oct 20. Jack built many award winning aircraft that debuted Oshkosh, Sun Fun, & many others. I was fortunate enough to help with the Pitcairn blade tracking. He was a good friend & will be...
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    Going out of Business Sale!

    I have decided to close down Advanced Rotor Designs. I will be offering the forum members here some parts that are in stock. If it doesn`t move here I will be moving on to EBay at higher prices. New Tennessee Mac Props 1 52X26 EA-81 Direct drive New Wheel...
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    Watched Some Vintage Hydroplanes Today

    I heard about some Vintage Hydroplanes coming into Dayton Ohio today so I took my son down to check them out. Interesting to see these restored machines blasting thru the water doing some speed runs. I saw one Modern hydro with a mid snowmobile engined design. 1000 CC Artic Cat with a redrive...
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    Don Parnham Suspension NEW Kit List

    I am starting this New Tread for the Next batch of Parham kits coming up. If you would like to be included on the list please post here so I can update the list. There will be only 12 Kits availible. I thought I had a list of 6 names so far but can only find 3? George Edmundson...
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    Happy Birthday Mikey!

    Hope you have a great B-Day Mike!
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    One Week Before Mentone!

    It is one week before Mentone & final preperations are being done to Welcome all to the 49th Annual PRA Convention. Just wanted to post a photo of the sign we had made this year for the convention.There are Yellow advertising signs placed around all the counties of IN. Keep your eyes open for...
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    Refrigerator needed for the Canteen!

    Our kitchen staff has informed me that they are needing another refrigerator for the canteen at Mentone. Does anybody have one they would like to donate for a bunch of hungry pilots? We are expecting a larger crowd this year so more food will be needed.Your donation would be Greatly Appreciated...
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    Advanced Rotor Designs at Bensen Days?

    I have had some requests for parts recently but Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to Bensen Days this year. However if anybody needs any of my products at Bensen Days I will be able to work something out for you if you contact me by PM ASAP. I have someone that will be there to deliver...
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    Advanced Rotor Designs Nose Wheels

    I have put together some New Nose Wheels to Match the Main Wheels & Brake Kits I offer. Prices are good while supplies last! All Wheels have 5/8 Bearings, 2:80X4 has a tube, The others are tubeless. Advanced Rotor Designs 937-878-2598
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    CDI`S For the Mac at Mentone

    I will be bringing a limited number of CDI`s for the Mac to Mentone this year , so if you will be needing one to take home please bring a good Mag core with you to exchange for the converted CDI.
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    Mac Timing Tool

    I have a several of these Mac Timing Tools ready to ship or pickup at Mentone. 55.00 +ship or pickup. 7 Availible
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    Advanced Rotor Designs Debuts New Hyd Brakes & Wheels at Mentone!

    Coming to Mentone? Stop by my Booth & see the newest Hyd brake system availible on the market today! A complete setup with wheels & tires at a affordable price.
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    CDI for the Mac will be availible at Mentone!

    Any one that has been waiting for a CDI for there Mac, I will have a limited number of CDI`S for you. I have made up a few for the convention. If you need one, please bring your Good mag core with you to Mentone! If you would like to reserve one let me know ahead of time. These will be on a...