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    Somebody flying along on a crosscountry flight in a Zenith CH601 fixed wing happened to notice that his prop spinner was no longer in the centerline made an emergency landing at my strip last week. upon inspection of the Rotax 912 it was seen that 2 of the bolts attaching the engine to the bed...
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    Drummer Boy.

    Check out 8yr old Avery Molek on YouTube. Started Playing the drums at age 2. Check out his day care video when he was 3. Perferct timing. A true prodigy.
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    This is a photo of the Wauchula Farmers market on New Years day.
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    Hurricane Charlie

    Today's news about Florida is not good. Richard, MaryJane, Ernie, and all the gang in Florida if I can be of any help let me know. I had Hernia surgery on Monday but will try to help however I can.