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  1. Phenix5

    Phenix fun

    Hi Friends, Here´s a short video so you can see we´re still alive and pushing with the project. The video is just some normal stuff, the quality is a bit shaky and the sound isn´t that good but we just wanted to share it with you. Although we´ve been quiet for some time (last post was in...
  2. Phenix5

    Phenix USA goes to Spain

    Hi guys, Here´s a short video we would like to share with you all regarding the visit of Cobus Burger (Phenix USA) to Spain for his first real life experience on the Phenix. Carlos
  3. Phenix5

    Phenix tractor update

    Greetings from Spain. I´d like to share the latest Phenix gyroplane update with you. I know tractors don´t create so much attention but more people than we think would be greatly surprised if they had a chance to fly one, discovering the true advantages of this setup (the original Cierva´s...
  4. Phenix5

    Phenix Tractor

    Here is a link of our progress with our prototype. YouTube - Phenix latest flight ! We've been quite busy the past weeks, flying and making adjustments that never seem to end! But I guess that's what prototypes are for... So far, we have finally managed to achieve proper settings in most of...
  5. Phenix5

    Flight of the Phenix 2

    We've been busy the last weeks doing some mods to the machine and finally we went out for some flying! Enclosed are some more flight tests with our Phenix gyro. The team is very happy with the results. Obviously there is still some work to do (that's...
  6. Phenix5

    The flight of the Phenix

    Hello to all. The Phenix team is proud to share with you the maiden flight trials with our new gyro. We are very happy with the preliminar results. It has been more than three years of hard work based on a dream, with a lot of people involved in...
  7. Phenix5

    Soloing in a side by side configuration

    I was just wondering if anybody has made any tests or is there a rule for soloing in a side by side gyro. I mean does sitting left or right seat affect in any way to the gyro´s handling when flying with no passenger. I mention this because in light helicopters you must solo in a specific seat...