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  1. MattPearson

    Mosquito Air video

    The Air is an incredibly capable helicopter with the MZ 202 and a 195lbs pilot. Most of the video out there makes it appear as if it's twitchy, on the cusp of self destruction, and not worthy of being called a "real" helicopter. I hope these videos will show that to be the farthest from the...
  2. MattPearson

    Dragonfly video

    Here is a little fun footage.:usa2:
  3. MattPearson

    The Dragonfly Gyrocopter

    Hi Everyone. I would like introduce my newest creation, the Dragonfly. I have been working on it for almost two years. I would like to thank Alan Cheatham and Larry Neal for their contributions to this project! As you may know, I was owner of the now "deceased" Superfly Gyro. I spent some...
  4. MattPearson

    Commercial Helo Rating?

    I am considering a commercial helo rating thru Silver State Helicopters. I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback about pursuing the ratings thru a "one stop shop" company like this, or is there a better way for a fast track approach. What is the real skinny on the professional...
  5. MattPearson

    A bizarre and depressing case!

    This months AOPA magazine details a court case where a bonanza pilot was found liable for $2 million for a mid-air collision between two other aircraft three miles away because the accident aircraft were distracted by the bonanza pilots landing gear malfunction. You can read the details for...
  6. MattPearson


    Finally got a smoker from Scott. Very cool man!! Thanks a lot!!:D
  7. MattPearson

    Proper Training

    We can all agree that getting the proper training is essential. In this video you will see that this principle carries over into all adventurous behavior. Afterall, you don't want a "brokeback." :D
  8. MattPearson

    Olney "Super Fly" in

    Here is some video of Super Fly's first flight as N975JP. These are short snip-it type clips. I even included a couple of bloopers. I really need to get one of those smoker units from Scott! You will notice a very nice Rotorway and RV7A. They were sweet!:D...
  9. MattPearson

    Super Fly Meets Go-ped

    Here is my newest creation. The engine is a gp420. The system works absolutely flawlessly and is super smooth. I will never go back to a main powerplant operated prerotator. Right now I get 250 rpms. I am going to tweak my gear ratio to allow the engine to achieve full rpms. Currently 11,000...
  10. MattPearson

    SSC Prototype Flying

    Here are some grainy picks taken by a by-stander of the first flight of Larry Neal's Super Sky Cycle prototype. Larry said the climb was 500 FPM, 65 mph top speed, 55 cruise, and that it flew great. That's all I know, so if you have any questions, call or email Larry. :)
  11. MattPearson

    Chasing toilet paper

    See... I still fly my gyro!
  12. MattPearson

    My New Baby!

    1965 Cherokee 180 Previous owner and friend is Steve Howard, former horn player for Paul McCartney and Wings. I love aircraft with history!
  13. MattPearson

    LW-5 Rolling Airframe

    Well gang, Due to lack of time and interest and money, I have decided to sell my airframe. You can see the construction progress under the LW-5 thread in Tractor designs. Hopefully this link will work. Included are Asuza wheels, tires and...
  14. MattPearson

    Hot Flying...! in temperature. 98 freakin degrees of Texas heat for this short video. It's supposed to be 101 today! Whew.
  15. MattPearson

    Carter Copter Crashes

    Soon after breaking Mu this morning, according to Larry Neal, the crew went up for another routine flight. At approximately 3,000 ft AGL, a jerk forward was felt and a strong yaw to the left. The gyro went into a 150 mph spiralling nose dive to the left even though all control input and trim...
  16. MattPearson

    Carter Copter Breaks Mu 1

    This morning the Carter Copter achieved Mu of 1.02!!!! Speed 170mph RRPM 107 Larry Neal was chief pilot. Brad King was co-pilot. Definitely a landmark achievement and a first in rotor wing aviation! Congratulations Carter Aviation!
  17. MattPearson

    Radio boobs

    In my short experience as a pilot, both fixed and rotor wing, the worst offenders at not using "due diligence to avoid incursions" airborne or otherwise are those pilots that rely on a transceiver for traffic awareness. These are quite often the pilots that feel it necessary to call out every...
  18. MattPearson

    Super Fly in the Rain

    I just happened to be at the airport during the one short 10 minute lull in some major rain we were having a week ago, and of course I was hot to fly, so here you go. It's a long download unless you are on dial up. Video is not as fancy as Tim's films, but it may wet your whistle for gyro flying...
  19. MattPearson

    My new Steed

    Can't wait for the adventures I am going to have with this!
  20. MattPearson

    Lunch time!