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  1. Chopper Reid

    ch7 turbo

    Great job there Bones, she looks a real treat & pretty good value at that price I reckon however I'm a bit like you in thinking a Vans RV 7 with a 180 hp engine.
  2. Chopper Reid

    A low speed upset of Cavalon 425AG at KSMX.

    Its very good of you to post a report of this accident so all can learn...even at someone else's mistake. Having never flown a Cavalon [ unfortunately] I cant comment.
  3. Chopper Reid

    Transporting blades on back of a pickup

    I really wouldnt recommend leaving the blades on the machine while travelling no matter how well supported they are. Takes 5 minutes to take them off & 10 minutes to store them safely. Hub bars need to be looked after.
  4. Chopper Reid

    Transporting blades on back of a pickup

    Having carted my gyro around in the back of a Nissan Patrol traytop for many years I can tell you its quite safe for the gyro & blades, even in a landcruiser. A blade box is good & you can use carpet or a reasonably strong plastic [bubble wrap ] for underneath, & anywhere rubbing might occur...
  5. Chopper Reid

    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    I suppose your fences in the creeks are gone ? I love the rain but despite many years of living here am finding the heat more challenging than usual and I see its possibly going to get real hot this coming week. BTW, sorry to hijack the thread .
  6. Chopper Reid

    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    Humidity here has been awful, talking with a mate who had friends down from DARWIN went home cause the humidity here was worse than Darwin. Hard to believe ! Just havent had that rain :(
  7. Chopper Reid

    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    E gets around Rick.
  8. Chopper Reid

    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    You flooded out Birdy ? Been some really good rains up your way & been wondering how you were faring .
  9. Chopper Reid

    Rotorway helicopter confined landings advanced flying

    " confined " for A Rotorway Birdy . Dont reckon he learnt the same way as you did .
  10. Chopper Reid

    Happy Birthday Mark Bredden!

    Happy birthday young fella ! I will have a rum or two for your big day !
  11. Chopper Reid

    Rotax C box EATS A BEARING after just 120hrs on YG4

    Yeah, thats what I thought too. :)
  12. Chopper Reid

    Rotax C box EATS A BEARING after just 120hrs on YG4

    Having a C box on the back of my 2.2 suby for some 4/ 5 thousand hours I know this much. You need a heavy flywheel to dampen the harmonics or whatever kills things. Even with the flywheel, I had the main bearing changed around the 400 hour mark, no longer. Never had a failure .
  13. Chopper Reid

    Happy Birthday Graeme Monro!

    Graeme's wife died a while back and he's now changed his life somewhat based on his lovely wife desires . He is around & pops up occasionally. A very happy birthday Graeme ! Lives in a beautiful part of Australia
  14. Chopper Reid

    'Bob' Hoover dies at 94

    I saw Mr Hoover fly at the Avalon airshow probably back in 92 approx. It was one of the best demonstrations of utilizing energy with both engines shut down in a Piper Aerostar. I couldnt believe just how far & for the length of time he flew with no engine power and doing aerobatics every time he...
  15. Chopper Reid

    Hand spinning a Cavalon

    I would have enjoyed watching that ! mmm patience makes perfect .
  16. Chopper Reid

    Tired Of My Mini-500

    I would be getting rid of it Bryan. I would be happy to hear that you had sold it actually !
  17. Chopper Reid

    Bolly prop from Australia

    Looks wet, is extremely wet ! Going to need floats by the look of it ! More forecast too.
  18. Chopper Reid

    Bolly prop from Australia

    Seems 14 degrees works om most props for 912 's. Be interesting to hear the test results. Will be waiting to see how the bolly compares to the warp drive Eric.
  19. Chopper Reid

    A Lot of Hours

    First hour meter in my rosco died with 1100 hours & the current meter is showing 4300. Machine is now " retired" although it only needs a new head bearing to fly again. There are many rosco's around the country with more than 5,000 hours & I believe a couple with more than 10,000 on them...
  20. Chopper Reid

    Struck by Lightning in a gyro ?

    Flown quite a bit close to lightning whilst working & I try to keep a couple of miles away if possible. I use alloy blades & you think they would attract lightning if any was present in the area due to their spinning. My advice is to avoid lightning.