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  1. madwinger

    Marion Springer flew back home today.

    Marion was a class act. We met and talked at Rotors Over The Rockies a few years ago. She could really hold an audience captive. She sent me a copy of the Gyro movie. I get it out and watch it every now and again. Thanks Marion. It was a pleasure to know you no matter how brief. How cool is...
  2. madwinger

    Moral Support

    Hi Jake, I'm not worried about you. Your way to ugly for heaven or hell! :tongue: Your gona be around for a long time. Your in my thoughts and prayers and my angles are sending yours healing energy that they will pass on to you. You were a big part of my Gyro journey even though my Air...
  3. madwinger

    Pre-rotator drive

    Do you still have this drive and the rotor head available?
  4. madwinger

    Heavy Duty Rotor Head

    Would this work on a Aircommand?
  5. madwinger

    Wanted Air Command Parts

    I have a friend that needs parts to finish his Air Command. As follows: Rotor head, rudder pivot block and plates that hold it to keel, cyclic control. If you have any of these parts PM me and I will put you in touch with him. Thanks Mark
  6. madwinger

    Almost new Air Command Rudder and Stabs

    SOLD Mark
  7. madwinger

    Almost new Air Command Rudder and Stabs

    SOLD I had an Air Command that I rebuilt. Decided not to fly it. Tried to sell it but no takers so I parted it out. All I have left is the Rudder and Stabs. I purchased the rudder new from Air Command and the the stabs were from the original aircraft. I had them painted pearl White. The rudder...
  8. madwinger

    Hi Gerry, doning well thank you. Hope your well also. Still in Texas? Building and or flying...

    Hi Gerry, doning well thank you. Hope your well also. Still in Texas? Building and or flying anything? I really miss those day of the Gyro. But I am still having lots of fund flying RC. Stay in Touch.
  9. madwinger


    Norm Norm Norm I thought you told me you and your brother work the fishing lodge. Thanks for correcting that. Email me with anything you may want to post here. Me thinks the guys and gals here want to see more of what you have built and and are building. Mark
  10. madwinger


    Norm Norm I did not mean to hijack the thread. The thread just reminded me that I had some pictures to share. I am sure he will tell you all about what he has been up to and his current projects. Mark
  11. madwinger


    More Norm More Norm Notice the red hot exhaust on that Rotax, and the beautiful northern lights. WOW Norm your living my life brother!
  12. madwinger


    Norm Norm When rebuilding my Air Command Norm was a tremendous and invaluable help with questions I had. I can't say "thank you Norm" enough. He would read a question I had on the form and would call me via satellite phone from the great white north which is very expensive and walk me thru the...
  13. madwinger

    Happy New Year

    Hi all just checking in and wishing you all a great 2017. Hope to see some of you at ROTR this year. God bless you all with health, happiness and many hours of very, very safe flying. Mark
  14. madwinger

    Aircam Build - not a gyro

    Jealous!! Jealous!! Your living my dream and building my plane! Love the paint scheme and looks like she is coming along. Congrats..Keep me posted on how my Air Cam is coming along;) Mark
  15. madwinger


    Charlie take a look at Clairity Aloft. I did not use mine in a gyro but I did use them in a 172. They are in the ear so they block most of the noise. Desmond uses them. Call him he will give you the details. Mark
  16. madwinger

    Whats left from parting out my Air Command

    Well, bummer you did not get with me a couple weeks ago. This seat cover was the last piece I had left. I mean I sold every part including the frame with the exception of the seat cover and the throttle and switch console. I was cleaning out my man cave and just did not want to look at the...
  17. madwinger

    Forum Support Subscriptions

    just sent subscription. just sent subscription. Todd until I saw this thread I had no idea you accepted subscriptions. Had I known I would have start sending them 3 years ago. I come from the IT world, I know how much time and talent it takes to keep a web site going. Thank you for all the...
  18. madwinger

    Whats left from parting out my Air Command

    Only the seat cover left! Only the seat cover left! Every single part of my Air Command is gone.....WOW........with the exception of the modified seat cover. 50 bucks plus shipping if you can use it. See post #1 of this thread Mark
  19. madwinger

    "Eurotubs" vs. "xxxxxxxxxxxx"???

    Peter, now THAT was funny!!.. Mark
  20. madwinger

    Porsche Orange Autogyro MTO Sport For Sale

    Air Cam Air Cam If I could buy a plane it would be an Air Cam amphibious. Love that plane. Low and slow and redundant everything. I am envious.... would love to see you post some pics. Mark