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  1. Brent_Brown

    my old rotax 670

    flying around the home strip
  2. Brent_Brown

    KB2 to 3

    it started as aKB2 I made it a KB 3 with a big tail. Fun light gyro
  3. Brent_Brown

    C-Box pre-rotator Drum

    Anyone have a C-Box per-rotator Drum?
  4. Brent_Brown

  5. Brent_Brown

  6. Brent_Brown

    1.2L V8 engine
  7. Brent_Brown

    round engines
  8. Brent_Brown


    DOHC on a this 1.0 L engine? What car did it come out of?
  9. Brent_Brown

    660 turbo a good 100+ HP engine
  10. Brent_Brown

    weber redline engines

    you can get this 70 hp engine new in the box. I have the drawings for the C-box plate to and bolts right on.
  11. Brent_Brown

    120 yamaha in a buggy

    they are doing a turbo on one next
  12. Brent_Brown

    This gyro looks good
  13. Brent_Brown

    someone flying 120 Yamaha
  14. Brent_Brown

    show time
  15. Brent_Brown

    65 hp

    3000-Series C-TEC4 Everyone expected a new motor from Arctic Cat in 2016 however no one saw this one coming. No, they didn’t unveil a new 800 cc C-TEC2 with 160+ hp, instead they are introducing a 700 cc twin-cylinder, 4-stroke with EFI in the 65 hp range. The new 3000-Series C-TEC4 is another...
  16. Brent_Brown


    look at my big panel
  17. Brent_Brown

    not new but flying now.!engines/coj4
  18. Brent_Brown

    old footage wanted

    I would like a copy of the old Pitcairn flying to Cuba and Mexico.
  19. Brent_Brown

    Jan 2014

    I have been a fan of this gyro for a long time here it is flying Jan 2014 and still no real info on it. It looks like it flys fine.
  20. Brent_Brown

    rotorway looking gyro

    They said it has 100 hours flying