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  1. Brian Jackson

    Double Hang Test Accuracy vs. Rotor Coning Angle

    An academic question to the more informed... When performing a double hang test to pinpoint VCG, I understand the blades must be on because they are a significant portion of the AUW. However, I imagine there is a measurable change in COM of the rotor when its sagging vs. coned in flight. Rough...
  2. Brian Jackson

    Is nosewheel load critical on free-castoring system?

    I am curious how important nosewheel downforce is in a free-castoring system. In my current build I had been planning to rake the mains back slightly to increase nosewheel pressure by recommendation of other pilots/builders. A GyroBee wants ~35 lbs. on the nosewheel, but does this figure become...
  3. Brian Jackson

    Do people build anymore?

    Have folks quit building gyros in the last 10 years? I think in general, societally, we've moved away from being garage tinkerers. I don't know of any neighbors with even modest workshops anymore. I had an interesting phone discussion with a well respected member here a few months ago where this...
  4. Brian Jackson

    TEST: Does this new post appear on main page?

    TEST: Does this new post appear on main page?
  5. Brian Jackson

    Test: Does this post?

    10/31/18 - First time in 2 weeks I've been able to open site on PC without error messages. This is a test message to see if I can post. Don't know if it will show up on main page as a new topic.
  6. Brian Jackson

    Test: Does this post?

    10/31/18 - First time in 2 weeks I've been able to open site on PC without error messages. This is a test message to see if I can post. Don't know if it will show up on main page as a new topic.
  7. Brian Jackson

    test see if this new post shows up on main page.
  8. Brian Jackson

    Tires: What types you use and why

    With all of the different tread patterns, profiles and other aspects to choose from, I'm curious what the folks here like and use for various reasons. I just ordered the landing gear components for my build and hadn't really considered this before now. After a phone call with a kind member here...
  9. Brian Jackson

    Bending the axles allowed?

    Hello All. Not sure of the wisdom of this but asking. The GyroBee documentation shows a bent axle strut tube. I am hoping to run this tube straight which would require a bend in the axle itself. Doug Riley has mentioned an insert that allows the axle to be mounted 3 degrees out of alignment of...
  10. Brian Jackson

    When is a rotor too large for the ship?

    Since discovering my new rotor is 24' instead of 23', I'm curious what negative effects are caused by larger rotors than what is specified. I'm told by experienced folks here they will be fine. But I catch myself thinking about maximums and what could go wrong when their length approaches this...
  11. Brian Jackson

    Fuel Tank Fabrication Questions

    Greetings All. I am in the beginning stages of fleshing out the design for a pair of fuel tanks of my gyro and was hoping those in the know might point me in the right direction regarding ports, venting, material, etc. I don't recall building them being discussed here in great detail, and I...
  12. Brian Jackson

    Hub Bars with coning angles VS. flat

    For those with a better understanding of loading and forces involved, I'm curious about hub bars with coning angles built in vs. straight (flat) hub bars. I know the blades normally assume approximately this angle in flight, and it would make sense to mount them that way. But regarding bending...
  13. Brian Jackson

    Gyro-Tech US dealer and Modified Airfoil blades

    In asking about a US distributor in another thread I was able to get ahold of Carlos at Helicopters International in Florida. What a nice gentleman. He happens to have a new set of 23' GT blades and hub bar that we are in discussion about currently. But I wanted to consult the Forum before...
  14. Brian Jackson

    Axle material

    In perusing Ralph's GyroBee documentation, I am uncertain from what material the axles are made. I had thought they were steel, and may very well be. If so, can aluminum be substituted? Thanks.
  15. Brian Jackson

    Engine Mount Cross-Bearers - Alternate for DynaFocal?

    Greetings. Ralph's original GyroBee documentation shows the basic configuration for the DynaFocal mount by Leaf which is no longer in production. I have read here that it is OK to use flat stock for this item and leave un-bent for a 503 Rotax. My question to the experts here is in regards to...
  16. Brian Jackson

    Main Gear alignment adjustment?

    Greetings Beekeepers. This weekend while waiting to have my wife's car wheels aligned I used the opportunity to think about how the same might be done on a gyro. Are there any provisions or techniques for fine-tuning wheel parallelism besides tweaking the drag strut eye-to-eye length? I can...
  17. Brian Jackson

    Noticed new posts not listing correctly

    Just noticed a break in the sync of how new posts show up. In this particular case it was a spammer posting in the Builder's Corner, but this may be the case for other posts as well. I image captured the relevant display areas from the Main Page, then the Builder's Corner page, then finally the...
  18. Brian Jackson

    Server issues? Forum not delivering

    2 days and this site has been unresponsive most of the time. Is it something on my end or are others here experiencing the same?
  19. Brian Jackson

    Rod End Inserts - Fit and Source question

    Seems like I should know this information already. I received a set of female Aurora rod end bearings and threaded inserts for the chromoly tube drag struts. However the insert portion is .002" larger diameter than the I.D. of the tube. Are these normally press-fit? Welding, safety drilling...
  20. Brian Jackson

    Mast wall thickness change at folding point?

    This may be more of an academic question, but after entertaining an idea I thought I'd pose it to the knowledgeable folks here. For folding masts that use the heavier wall (3/16") single tube, is there a compelling reason the short upper portion cannot be reduced to the lighter 1/8" wall? It's...