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  1. Kevin_Richey

    Ernie or Mike Boyette: Dragon Wings question

    I obtained this RFD hub bar w/ a set of Dragon Wings some years back. It is odd compared to the usual ones you produced in that the block only has one hole instead of several choices of putting the teeter bolt through for underslung adjustments. And, it is shorter than the usual ones of 1'...
  2. Kevin_Richey

    (Off Topic thread) National Park Service Wildlife Petting Guide

  3. Kevin_Richey

    German company developing drone gyroplane for cargo

    First we heard about quad drones delivering small parcels, and now the spotlight swings to using an gyroplane unmanned. Looks to be a naked MTO airframe. Not yet flown autonomously, there is a CGI video in the article showing interactions in flight between ATC as well as other aircraft, such as...
  4. Kevin_Richey

    Don "Boo" Bouchard, of Texas

    A fellow gyro enthusiast has a bunch of questions re: converting the Subaru EA-81 for aviation use for single-place gyros. Anyone in Texas have a way to contact him?
  5. Kevin_Richey

    WANTED The book: "The Gyroplane Flight Manual", by Paul Bergen Abbott

    Anyone have a copy of Paul Abbott's book "The Gyroplane Flight Manual" they'd like to sell? I used to have one, but loaned it out to a local gyro club person, and it never came back to me. The sellers on eBay and Amazon want two arms and two legs for their used copies. I contacted Paul in...
  6. Kevin_Richey

    Using Hughes helicopter rotorblades for gyro flight

    Anyone aware of pilots currently (or in the past) using the Hughes rotorblades in autogyro mode, that made their own hub bars that incorporated the Hughes drag link into said hub bar? Anyone either made their own or contracted w/ a machine shop to have them made? I've learned from Glenn Bundy...
  7. Kevin_Richey

    Craigslist ad 4 yellow RAF gyroplane For Sale

    From our local Craigslist: "R.A.F. (Rotary Air Force) Fully enclosed cabin (heated) Two place (side by side) Removable doors. Powered by EJ 22 sabaru engine. Please no email. call me at 503 668 3695 and leave message. $25000.00 OBO"
  8. Kevin_Richey

    Tim Chick: Looking to contact him

    Please help. A fellow rotorcraft flyer, Kerry, from NZ, who has met Tim previously @ Bensen Days, wishes to talk w/ him. Anyone know Tim, please ask him to contact Kerry by email @: [email protected]
  9. Kevin_Richey

    Electronic Soft Start Want To Buy

    Want to buy the electronic soft start made by HEECO of Brooks, KY., for a prerotator on a Sparrow Hawk gyroplane. Posting this for a fellow Chapter 73 member: Bill Totten 503-701-6178
  10. Kevin_Richey

    Cave Junction, Oregon gyroplane flight school

    Stumbled onto this video, showing a gyro flight from Ashland, OR to Cave Junction, OR airport. That's J-Bird's stretch of woods! I had to turn down the really annoying music soundtrack. It appears they are using a Magni tandem gyro for flight instruction. In the video comments section , the...
  11. Kevin_Richey

    Barnstormers ad 4 a Sport Copter Lightning

    Sport Copter Lightning {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/images\/1x1.gif"} SPORT COPTER LIGHTNING • $19,000 • FOR SALE BY PROUD OWNER • Sport Copter Lightning, 503/172hrs. Looks and flies like new. Have all records. Ultralight rated. Stored indoors...
  12. Kevin_Richey

    Craigslist ad 4 GyroBee For Sale

    A little puzzling. Craigslist ad show address in Yuma, AZ, w/ a Yuma address, while map shows LA area. Gyro Bee gyrocoptor - $9000 "Rotax 503 engine just had new dual ignition installed plus engine was checked out. The rotor blades are...
  13. Kevin_Richey

    Aircraft Spruce Gift Card For Sale

    Gyro builders: Need AN hardware, wheels, tires, brakes, instruments, or aluminum tubing for your gyroplane? Maybe you're wanting a helmet, or headset, or a certain GPS or aircraft radio? FATHER'S DAY IS NEXT MONTH! Give him a Father's Day present of a $1,000 Gift Card for only $850. Also being...
  14. Kevin_Richey

    Portable Gyroplane Hangar For Sale

    Posting this for the owner: 8’x 20’ with 10’ ceiling. Poly-carbonate clear, corrugated roof. Canvas sides, marine plywood ends. 1-1/4” plywood floor, 2"x4” rectangular steel frame. Work bench in front with peg board for tools. Some tools included. Plastic shelving, block and tackle in center...
  15. Kevin_Richey

    NSI gearboxes

    I'm posting this for a local gyro guy: Anyone know the approximate cost of these NSI gearboxes (out of business now) when they were new? I believe they were used mostly w/ the Subaru automobile engine conversions for aircraft. Please contact Bill Totten @ 503-seven zero one, 61seven8. PRA...
  16. Kevin_Richey

    Sport Copter Parts Wanted

    (I'm posting this for a gyro friend) ​​​​​Looking for any Sport Copter airframes, or parts thereof, for either M-912 edition or earlier versions, such as 582. Rebuilding Sport Copter and need parts. Airframe, blades, etc. Would consider M-912 in flying condition. Also searching for McCutchen...
  17. Kevin_Richey

    Craigslist-Tucson, AZ, find: "Gyro copptter*-*$750" Named the Shark. Quite the project if one is so inclined. Very unusually shaped gyro. If it's true that it was flown around the Tucson area back in the 70's, I sure would like to see some video of it doing so. It looks like an engine mount...
  18. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    FOR SALE: Carbon fiber tandem gyroplane project with NEW 28' Dragon Wings Cruiser rotorblades & NEW RFD rotorhead: $5,495. Little Wings comprehensive plans for all LW models included. Drawn by Ron Herron of Arkansas. Willing to deliver to western states of USA for that price. Delivery further...
  19. Kevin_Richey

    2011 Sport Copter Vortex M-912 $52,950

    UPDATE: This aircraft is considered SOLD, since deposit has been received. Full payment pending. Owner says he'd fielded many inquiries concerning it. Three buyers wanted it NOW! I'm posting this on behalf of seller. There is no commission or compensation on my part. Owner requests initial...
  20. Kevin_Richey

    Windscreen wanted 4 SparrowHawk gyroplane

    SparrowHawk gyroplane, kit manufactured by Groen Brothers Aviation. New windscreen wanted. Have existing w/s already mounted. Please contact Bill Totten @ 503-seven zero one, 61seven8. PRA Chapter 73 member (Oregon)