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    Helo meets bull: Lose-lose

    Article sent by a american pilot's friend in Panama: Helo meets bull: Lose-lose By David Jack Kenny It’s often said that Alaskan aviation is a different business than flying in the Lower 48. The immense and sparsely populated landscape, seasonal weather extremes, and scarcity of supplies call...
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    News for our industry at sun and fun

    While at sun and fun, I saw a few things that some fellow forum members may be interested in. I also was in the middle of the destruction, but I am still traveling and only with my I pad, (and also tech illiterate), I cannot post pictures of both, developments and destruction. But I could send...
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    New video / Super 912 vortex
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    Helicopter flying in Panama!

    Enjoy! Colibri Productions on Vimeo
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    Side by side gyro.

    This is a side by side gyro. A very rare type of machine. Does anybody knows by whom or by which company it was made?
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    Turbocharging a Rotax 912

    Would anybody know were I could get professional assistance to turbocharge a Rotax 912 80hp?
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    Monarch Flying at 35 mph winds!
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    Technical Review of hub bar failures

    If you fly your gyro a lot and/or do intense manouvering, please read this Australian Government report on hub bar failures in gyros in that country. And follow their advise, please, for not becoming this: :angel...
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    The AirCar-why not: "the AirGyro"?

    In another thread it was discused the use of compressed air for tip jets to power gyros and helicos. In France the technology is already used for cars. Pls see: As no engine is required, only tanks filled with compressed air, if applied to...
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    Fixed wing aircraft encyclopedia

    Here's a cool website of many different types of fixed wing aircraft from many countries. The list is not encyclopedic (that would be a huge amount of planes!), but it's got quite a few aircraft. Enjoy.
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    Robinson R44 down in Panama

    A Robinson 44 helicopter when down in Panama killing its pilot and two passengers. Witness said that they saw the machine doing a turn and exploting in the air at around 800' over terrain. One passenger tried to save himself jumping out of the helicopter before the impact but was killed by the...
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    First video of the SSC: the flying motorcycle in action!

    First video of the Super Sky Cycle, the flying motorcycle, in action:
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    New Aurora Butterfly's youtube videos

    Pls find below, recent from the oven, new videos of the Aurora Butterfly Gyro:
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    Dominator For Sale

    Sadly, I have decided to sell my Dominator. 35 TT. Rotax 582. Always hangared. Very well mantained. US$ 17,500. It is located in Panama. If interested, you may send me a message at [email protected] or call me at +507 6612 1610 .
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    Reason for Economic Crisis

    I highly recommend this article of the International Herald Tribune, a newspaper published in Paris.
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    Ultralight Forum

    Does anyone knows about a Ultralight's aviation Forum(s) as active as ours?:plane:
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    Aurora Butterfly flying in Utah-Youtube

    Just arrived from Utah:
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    Lycoming new engine

    Lycoming announces a new gasoline engine, IO-233-LSA, rated at 100hp to 116hp for lightsport aircraft. It include fuel injection. Does anybody knows more about this engine, including its weight and price? Could it be the long waited competitor for the 912/914 rotax?
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    AIRBET-Gyro manufacturer in Spain

    Look what I found surfing the net: A Gyro builder in Spain: Maybe is already in the Forum, but I will post it anyway!
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    Can´t post attached files

    At last I learnt how to use my digital camera and send the pictures to my Macinthosh Power book. But when I tried to post them as attached files, there is a warning that states that my file is over 700 something and that the Forum only allows a maximum of 150. It is nothing complicated. Just a...