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    Rotax 915is requires a constant speed prop

    I renewed my Rotax Heavy Maintenance certification last month, and one interesting point made in the class was that these engines require the use of an adjustable pitch prop due to the design of the prop shaft, and how the oil needs to circulate. I am just going from memory here since I can't...
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    Flying in the eclipse

    Where i live we will have 99.5% eclipse coverage (we're just south of the path of totality), and since we live on a runway I plan on flying up into the idaho mountains into the path of totality. Might be exciting considering the ruggedness of the mountains there, but I don't want to miss it...
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    Look what AutoGyro did to the MTO Sport

    New features include: - Foldable mast for easy storage - Upgraded seats with heat and lumbar support - Prerotates to 300 RRPM for short field take offs - Additional storage compartments - Fully adjustable pedals and seats - Easier to get in - Improved stability and it looks great!
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    I'll fly with anyone....

    Just saying.
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    Calidus going mainstream

    With the long anticipated announcement yesterday of the new Type Certificated Calidus, I would also like to announce that one of my long-standing fixed-wing customers has purchased a turbo powered version, and will be leasing it to Aspen Flying Club in Denver CO. Aspen is one of the largest...
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    My flight school

    For three out of the last four years we have won the AOPA award for flight training excellence. I'd like to take all the credit, but really this is a testament to the rewards of hiring awesome, low maintenance, flight instructors to fly our fixed wing aircraft, while I hang out in the desert...
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    I made a cool thing Using adobe Spark.
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    MTOs, Calidus', and Cavalons available in stock or on their way

    Here's what is available now, or in production to be shipped here. Lots of Cavalons coming up. All new AutoGyros come with a year of accidental damage coverage, I can supply more details. Also, we are taking orders for the Type Certificated Calidus, which is a factory-built aircraft that can be...
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    Your gyroplane can pay for itself

    If anyone is interested, I have put together a lease-back program for placing a Primary Category Calidus in a flight school. With this program, an owner can purchase a Calidus to lease to a flight school, and if it flies at least 18 hours a month it should break even, including the payment on a...
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    Putting on the bling

    I've still got a few more things I want to do with this. I love the way it protects the paint and cleans easily.
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    Helicopter incident

    I'm not a helicopter pilot, but this seems to me like incredibly poor decision making by the pilot. What do you guys think? Bell 206a autorotation accident
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    Platinum Extra Guarantee

    If you purchase an AutoGyro aircraft, they now come with the Platinum Extra Guarantee included. This basically provides hull coverage for your new aircraft. It is good for 12 months, and is renewable. This is not liability coverage, but will eliminate the need to purchase expensive hull...
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    AutoGyros in stock now - kits and completed

    Model Serial Engine Color Status Retail Price MTO Free M01235 914 silver assembled € 69,983.50 MTO Sport M01292 914 red kit € 67,025.00 MTO Sport M01302 914 white assembled € 73,165.00 MTO Sport M01280 912 red kit...
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    AutoGyro Units in Stock and available now

    MTO Free M01235 914 silver assembled € 69,983.50 MTO Sport M01292 914 red kit € 67,025.00 MTO Sport M01303 912 white assembled € 61,570.00 MTO Sport M01302 914 white assembled € 73,165.00 MTO Sport M01280 912 red kit € 53,545.00 MTO Free M01311 912 black assembled €...
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    Xenon IV engine failure

    I was flying in a Xenon IV with a customer yesterday at the Boise Airport, a class C airport. Most fixed wing traffic fly fairly large patterns here, the smallest tend to be about 1/2 mile out on downwind. I don't like large traffic patterns, in any aircraft. Yesterday we were doing touch and...
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    Great Insurance Deal

    I just wanted to share my latest insurance numbers. I have used Regal Aviation in Portland Oregon for ten years now, and I highly recommend them. The owners/agents (Jason and Rusty) have flown with me in the Calidus and are huge fans of gyroplanes. Last year when I first attempted to get...
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    Primary Category for AutoGyro

    Stay tuned.
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    Talking to center

    I am easily entertained, I admit. When I fly crosscountry in my gyro I like to contact center for flight following. I love the response I get when I try to explain aircraft type. I also love to ask for touch and goes at the larger airports. I went to PDX a couple of weeks ago for a touch and...
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    Letter of intrepetation

    It only took 6.5 months to get a reply, but it was kinda fun. I'm not surprised at the answer.
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    Request for Interpretation from FAA

    Speaking of interpretations, I have been meaning to post a letter I wrote to the FAA legal counsel for clarification. Many people have given me their opinions, but I want to get something definite. Below is what I wrote, hopefully I'll get an answer. Camille Patch Glass Cockpit Aviation 11550 NW...