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    Gyro training

    Just came back from some great training in Macon,Georgia. Had a awesome time with SteveMcGowan, that southern boy can fly! Makes learning easy to understand. I will definetly make another trip to fly with a CFI with so much knowledge and experience. When I can handle my air command like he...
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    Smoke system

    I am new in gyro's. I have been flying a high performance monoplane. Can anyone give me any advice on a smoke system on a I a command single place I just bought? What are the pros and cons? Your honest opinion please.
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    Snowbird Single Place

    Hey guys, give me some honest opinions. If this was discussed before on the forum, I apologize. Any comments will be appreciated.
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    New guy, sneaking around for a few years!

    Been interested in gyro's for quite a few years. Have taken some instruction from well known and respected people. I currently fly a aerobatic monoplane, I really enjoy low & slow flying. I flew trikes for 3yrs, I feel the gyro will be a challenge for me. There are so many gyro's available...