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  1. KenSandyEggo

    Kenny J's Remnants For Sale

    Greetings from the cloudy side. I have some "Stuff" for sale that I no longer have a need for. I'll add photos to this post. First photo is of 3 Sigtronics headsets that I used, 2 adult and one child's that is still like new. The adult's just need to be wiped off. They work fine. I lost...
  2. KenSandyEggo

    This is Sick...but not nasty. Me to You.

    This says it all!
  3. KenSandyEggo

    Groen Hawk 5 Into Production?

    Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. (OTCBB: GNBA), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, announced today that the government of Aragón, Spain has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Groen Brothers Aviation (GBA) to form a joint venture (JV) to complete FAA certification, production, marketing, and...
  4. KenSandyEggo

    Rent this DVD!!!

    When I was still in San Diego, the IMAX crew was there doing some filming of the "Flying Banana" at Ramona airport for a new IMAX film. I learned it would be named "Straight Up." I saw them doing some of the filming when I dropped in at Ramona one day in my gyro. I waited and waited for it to...
  5. KenSandyEggo

    San Diego Tease

    My daughter sent me this picture of the San Diego sunset from her backyard. Those were awesome at times. Oh heck, here's a picture of her too. Dad rubbed off a little on her. She's attending the same nursing school I graduated from. I believe she's a little more than half through. Her...
  6. KenSandyEggo

    Naked Women Strolling on Fripp Island, SC

    I couldn't believe it. Not a stitch of clothing (except for my wife).
  7. KenSandyEggo

    Reluctant J-2 Sale

    Reluctantly, I must sell the J-2 for personal and business reasons. To avoid speculation, the reasons are: 1. I was asked to move to another field because the owner thinks the J-2 is too loud, although there has never been a noise complaint. The strip is far from my home and I don't feel like...
  8. KenSandyEggo

    Looking for Hughes 269/300 or any willing A&P

    I probably should have done this thread earlier. My J-2 is due its annual by the end of this month. I found a 76 year old Hughes 269 mechanic willing to do it, but he's not on an airport. He has a helipad and hangar at his home. He can't travel to do it. Main problem is that to get in and...
  9. KenSandyEggo

    A very fresh, dashing and handsome looking guy.

    Here are 2 pics Barry took of me, his son and the J-2 at Anson County Airport on Sunday. These were taken after my nap on the couch while Ron was up with Barry's son in the Champ. I should look more refreshed than the first ones....maybe.
  10. KenSandyEggo

    Designer of the J-2? This guy, Al Fiori, claims to have designed the McCulloch J2 "gyrocopter." That's not true, is it?
  11. KenSandyEggo

    The Good, the Bad and the Dumb

    Went to the airport today and finally figured out how to get the quick-drain to stay open so I could drain and change the oil. Put 6 quarts of Shell multi-grade in. Wired in my $40 magneto filter and it didn't do squat for the radio noise. I determined which mag it was by disconnecting one...
  12. KenSandyEggo

    Why Ken Doesn't Fly......Much

    I paid my hangar and gas bill yesterday. Light-headed....teetering.....swaying.....falling over......fainting........PLOP! :eek:
  13. KenSandyEggo

    What can I talk about now?

    Everyone gets a rest. Tomorrow, the wife and I are driving down to Fripp Island, NC to visit an old friend of Demetra's. Never been there before. Will probably sight-see in Georgia a little too. I see that Fripp is right on the ocean, but supposedly they don't catch much from the hurricanes...
  14. KenSandyEggo

    Transport of Parts

    Once again, is anyone coming down from Mentone or anywhere that could pick up a load of parts for me in Little Rock and bring them closer to Charlotte, even if not all the way? Even half way would be better than nothing.
  15. KenSandyEggo

    What now!!??

    I got the latest issue of Rotorcraft yesterday and decided after looking over the candidates for the board to not "abandon ship" and renew my membership. I already did it on line and will be sending in my ballot shortly. I really think and hope that those newly elected will help turn things...
  16. KenSandyEggo

    Testing My New Air Filter

    Went to the airport late this morning to replace my air filter with a new Brackett filter. That's what was in there anyway. What a difference. I had full fuel and it was at least 90 degrees out. I started my roll after spinning up and she literally was up off the runway before I realized it...
  17. KenSandyEggo

    Remember "Little" Stefanos?

    Caught him in our guest bed before he woke up the other day. That's a Queen-sized bed too. They grow like weeds. He'll be 10 in December.
  18. KenSandyEggo

    Moved from "Ask the Candidates" (Off Topic)

    "Sure they are, but I'd rather have them hard at work keeping us solvent." You mean like spending 15 grand on a repaving job for an airstrip that's hardly used, or giving away 10 grand on a jump-take-off contest that's hardly been a practical benefit to anyone, or having some slime-ball...
  19. KenSandyEggo

    Driving Little Rock to Charlotte Anyone?

    I have some parts and 3, J-2 rotorblades still sitiing in Ron Herron's hangar that I need to retrieve. The blades are shorter than "normal," because it's a 3-bladed system and may fit in a decent-sized van or on a roof-rack easily. I can measure them to be sure. I was just wondering if anyone...
  20. KenSandyEggo

    $104.00 Cold Hot Dog With A Dry Bun!

    What the hell am I doing in this rich man's recreational activity? I worked 2, 12 hour shifts on Thursday and Friday, so I wasn't sure if I would go to the Vintage Aircraft Association's fly-in at Burlington today. But I woke up at about 8:30 a.m. today and felt pretty good, so I decided to...