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    benson days mabee

    If a home built raf was transported to benson days, would an american purchaser be able to register and fly it? Lookin for an excuse to drive 6000km via princeton
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    ultima engines

    has anyone used one of these engines? A budd i know drag races a harley/midwestern bike with one. Air cooled, dry sump.... Has some potential i would think
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    canadian toys for sale, raf2000

    Moving to oz so the raff has to go... Comes with a zodic boat an 40hp short leg outboard Raff has less than 150hrs as previos owner passed and has been hangerd. Older model with log books. Well built with a worked ea82 and i recently had the carb fixed and threw a new feul pump on before flying...
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    flying in the states

    im as yet unlicensed even up here in canada and the rego on my raff has expired, but if i sort that out can i trailer it accross the border near hope and fly to mentone??? Just a thought as it may be a way to justify getting there and if i sell it i wont have to ship it to oz when i move there.
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    lcd display

    hey is there a fix for thes displays jumping around and not realy showing a true reading??? would a seperate earth wire to the battery help or mabee a seperate battery??? im wondering if the voltage is spiking or causing it???
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    throtle body injection

    has anyone converted an ea 81/82, to an aftermarket or second hand throtle body injection ??? was it worth it and did it do away with icing???
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    my foot slipped

    funny thing happened the other day... after getting belted around by big gusts and getting used to this being in a cab while flying. i decided after my second involuntary vertical decent and getting bullied on base while dodging a radio tower that id land and wait for some better weather, as...
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    nylock nuts

    if an airframe has only done about 130 hrs but is about 6 years old and mostly hangered, should the locking capability of all thes nylock nuts still be good??? is there any other "happy birthday" components i should look at, irespective of hours in service??? ive changed dodgy fuel lines &...
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    snow board h-stab

    Im using a snow board for a h stab on a raf and the bottom edge along the side sticks out and angles up so im tempted to mount it upside down in case it kinda makes lift and not push down... if you know what i meen prob is it would look great up the right way with the tips up... is this angle...
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    dawson creek

    so i mighter found a gyro up here for sale... how do you get a gyro liscence in canada and are there any instructors around???