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  1. Kevin_Richey

    Dominator plans

    Mike: Since you appear to rarely be here much anymore the last several years: Clue us in re: your 670 having to be repaired/replaced? PM me?
  2. Kevin_Richey

    Not often you can make like a gyro in 727.

    I would have sworn that was Ron Awad @ the controls there, except the go-round was too long, & not @ a steep enough of an angle!
  3. Kevin_Richey

    N47EB RAF 2000 - Millard airport, Nebraska 7th-Dec-19

    Appalling that one rotorblade is missing from the hub bar. It appears from the large photo the firefighter took of the machine that even the blade strap is also gone. Highly unlikely any of the first responders removed those two items from the immediate scene b/4 any investigation had even begun...
  4. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    More Little Wing photos, including the nifty new boat trailer converted to tow it around w/. It didn't tug on my Tundra, tracked beautifully, & I couldn't even notice a difference in the vehicle performance when pulling it! Little Wing gyroplane: $16K. Carbon fiber tractor fuselage project: $5495.
  5. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    I haven't weighed it. But, being carbon fiber, weighs less than a fiberglassed one. The builder said all the parts are virtually ready for paint. He said he sanded & sanded & sanded to get it ready, but then didn't finish the gyroplane for health reasons. The hangar is 45 minutes away on a...
  6. Kevin_Richey

    NEW propellers for sale

    Scott: A guy in our local PRA chapter is looking for a prop along the size of these you have (had?) Still have either one?
  7. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    Travis: The fuselage width measures @ 29" @ the cockpit. Is that too wide for you?
  8. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    OK, about it?
  9. Kevin_Richey

    Russian Collusion!

    Scott: Has Mary taken any photos or video of you motoring along close to the ground in your Tango?
  10. Kevin_Richey

    Fusioncopter JK-2 Nano

    1. Worldwide, gyro pilots haven't been able to fly on only 35 hp. Actually, Pollini's stats come to 36.5 hp). Once up in the air, yeah, & even a bit less that that in level flight, but not enough horses for taking off & climbing out w/ rotorblade drag. Ralph Taggert & his flying partner, Don...
  11. Kevin_Richey

    Rotor blades - Airworthiness Directive - Celier - Trendak - Argo

    Sounds like a magic mast bushing is what RAF-Canada used for that very reason. Maybe RAF-South Africa still does...
  12. Kevin_Richey

    Fusioncopter JK-2 Nano

    Possibly the european ultralight (don't they call them microlights?) rules. I seriously doubt they meet the FAA's 103 regs weight restrictions, w/ the canopy/fairing.
  13. Kevin_Richey

    Fusioncopter JK-2 Nano

    Dave: Go to their youtube page. They have 3-4 other shorter videos of it. One does show an approach (rather steep) & landing. Although, the camera switches to another view point on the landing itself, & it, along w/ the strong beat of the music @ that exact point, makes me believe they are two...
  14. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    It is a nice one (having been a guest there), but Yuma is much hotter than where we bought land in north Central Az. @ 4,500' ASL.
  15. Kevin_Richey

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    Travis: Did not sell. Here is a webpage of the designer/builder: I am not sure about the width dimension. I will be heading out to the hangar tomorrow & get that measurement. I'm assuming you are referring to the inside cockpit...
  16. Kevin_Richey

    Drop Keel Bensen project on trailer with 72 HP Mac.

    Tony: I think I understand...You were excited about flying one of these gadgets, & as an old guy (like myself!), you read his ad quickly in that excitement!
  17. Kevin_Richey

    Autoflight Subaru EA-81 engine mount with PRU

    I have this email: [email protected] Don't know if it is an active one...
  18. Kevin_Richey

    Gyro For Sale

    Dick: What numbers were you able to get for rrpms on those Skywheels using that belt-reversing drive Ken Brock made?
  19. Kevin_Richey

    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    Modified ROTAX 670 snowmobile engines by "Rotax Rick" being used for aviation. In an effort to help other rotorcraft guys & not see them experience the frustration & lack of flying time due to engine problems & catastrophic failures, think twice about using the Rotax 670 engine that is modified...