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    Rotax Tenn Prop 60x44

    59 hrs since new, asking 250.00 plus shipping O.B.O.
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    VW Prop for sale

    I have a VW pusher prop from a gyro for sale, it is a 56 x 30, only had 25 hrs total time when I sent it to ST Croix for reconditioning. Had not been used since I got it back several years ago. You can see in the pictures it is in great shape, only asking $300 plus shipping O.B.O.
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    54" 3 blade new prop, ground adjustable

    I am selling a new prop, 3 blade ground adjustable, up to 130hp, ccw. Bought for gyro 2 seat project that never got started. Item listed on ebay but will sell to forum member for $400.00 plus shipping. see here...
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    Coaxial rotor question

    any reason why a coaxial rotor system with a servo flap main rotor blades has not been built?
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    Boeing-Vertol VR-7 questions, Chuck can you help?

    what is the autorotation pitch angle? what is the best lift angle? What is the stall angle? Thanks for the help
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    Looking for swashplate drawings

    Hey guys, does anyone have some swashplate drawings you would part with? Electronic or scanned is more than acceptable. I want to look at as many different designs as possible, doing the studying thing to try and learn more. Thanks
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    Tip Jets anyone?

    Any one here ever fly a tip jet helicopter or actually seen one that really flys besides the commercial ones from Hiller and such? I know they are fuel hogs and can not fly very long but I have seen alot of You Tube videos of people that got them to the stage of running the engines on propane...
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    Hiller Rotormatic Head?

    Does anyone have drawings or parts breakdown pictures of the Hiller Rotormatic head? I have tried to search it out in the internet but can not find out how it works mechanically. Thanks for the help
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    Hughes 500 rotorhead straps????

    anyone know what series stainless steel was used for the hughes/MD 500 used in its rotor head for the strap packs?
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    New Two blade head question

    Now I searched really good this time before I popped my question out for all to see. Hughes 500 and aerocopter both use tb or tt straps for flap and feathering, both are more than two blades. Is there any reason why a one piece strap pack can not be used to replace the teeter head for two...
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    Blade airfoil question for Chuck

    Now you have made quite a few sets of blades. What would you say was the best airfoil you made for helicopter blades? What would you say was the best airfoil you made for gyro blades?
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    what is the helicopter with the fastest rotor RPM

    I am looking through all the helicopters and got to wondering which one has the fastest rotor RPM? Anyone know the slowest too?
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    Chuck's floating head

    I have seen a few pictures and a video of it in operation. How does a floating head with no hinges really work? The pictures I have is of a 3/4 triangle plane with 3 motor mount holes and points for the feathers spindles. Do blades need to be really rigid for it to work or would a more...
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    AW95 ultralight

    Has anyone here ever built one? how does it fly? is it reliable to fly cross country? Please any info would be nice, I am a machinist so making it would save me a lot over a mosquito. Stephen
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    Looking for helicopter training SF bay area

    I am thinking of buying a mosquito UL helicopter and looking for training here in the south San Francisco bay area (i.e. san jose, san martin, haward and such). I don't want to go thru the whole program and get a license since the mosquito is a ultralight. I want to work thru solo, and then...
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    Autorotation question, Chuck please ring in too...

    OK, so gyros blades are set to be in autorotation all the time. When Bensen designed his B-9 Little Zipster he used the same blades as he did on his gyrocopters, same blade straps too. He did put in a delta angle on the heads to keep the blades in plane better to prevent them from hitting each...
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    Bensen style head question. Hat bushings

    Now I know the hat bushings are cut from steel, hardened and them surface ground. Does someone have the dimensions or the drawings for them? I have the head plans but can not find the hats for the teeter bolt and ready to make them . Help please Stephen
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    Chuck B. Are you out there? Head questions

    I think your head design on Dudley is great. Any chance of better pics, specs and info so if someone with a machine shop can duplicate a knock off? The help is deeply appreciated. Thanks Stephen
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    Offset Gimbal Rotorhead plans

    Does anyone have a set or know where to download up to date plans for the gimbal offset rotorhead? Yes I have been flying gyrocopters and do understand how they work. Yes I have 14 years experience as a machinist and have access to CNC mills and the proper materials for construction. I am...
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    Looking for J3M or J4B Plans

    Looking to purchase, please email or pm