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Hi Bro
I do so little business I always expect to be kicked to the curb with each new order. But so far yes I'm an MGL OME.
I give PRA members 7% discount on all of MGL made products. A few sensors like the fuel flow sensor I only get 2% off.

Send me a list of what you want and I can tell you a discount.
My 2 1/4" E-1 engine monitor finally gave out so I wanted to replace it. Are the new color Blaze and Vega instruments a drop in replacement? Same pinouts and same sensors? That's all I would need until I build a 2 place.
The Vega line is 2 1/4" replacement. I've not replaced one but the email press release said it was the replacement model.
When you want me to order one I'll ask if they can use the same sensors before you pay for it.