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I know he would have known. Everyone new that they were grounded thats what it made it so shocking. Also because it happened on a poular beach there was so much negative press coverage of it about gyros. Family and friends start to worry that what I am doing is so dangerous.

Its just hard to imagine why and what he was thinking. I think this would have been the first time I have felt no sympathy for someone who has died, but taking his son up, that just seems beyond belief.

I have been member of the forum for a long time. There has always been a level of nastiness in regards to agents and manufacturers.

There is always the pissed off owner who the vast majority of the time is just a moron who has bought something they don't understand, these owners should not be flying at all and definitely should not be flying gyros. There is no shortage of these morons out there.
Then there are the owners who cant stand the thought that their gyro might have a flaw (which they all do) and just feel the need to constantly defend there model, and because often these guys are also morons there only way they can defend their make is to criticize all the others the other models.
Then you have agents and manufacturers who think a good sales tactic is to constantly criticize other makes and seem to relish in news when someone's gyro crashes.
When you became a TAG agent you have to deal with them all. The downside of social media is that people say things that they would never say to your face. It has empowered all the gutless moronic narcissists that used to be held in check by manners, courtesy and their own feebleness when communicating face to face, and there seems that there are a lot them.