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  • Wooly,
    Thanks for your prayers and concern. I'm sad to say she passed away last week. We are missing her a lot, but know she is with Jesus now and not suffering any more.
    I will give you a call sometime when I get a chance to stop by. I'm looking forward to seeing your RAF.

    Did you get down to Arkansas?
    Are you flying?
    Doing my 20 hour engine break in.
    I think I am headed down to AR in July.
    Pics in my phone. Installing Stabilator. Horizontal Stab is on its way. Installing upgraded gas tank which entails a lot of other modifications and hardware. Then put the rotors on. May be headed to AR in July.

    Don't know how to get pics on this site. My profile pic should fit but can't get it on there either.

    I'll keep trying. Yell if you are down this way and want to stop by.
    Wooly - Excellent. Have you got any pictures of it? What are the details? Horizontal Stab? Is it ready to fly? Where are you keeping it?

    Wooly - Not yet. My farming schedule conflicted with Ron's training schedule so it's going to have to wait till after planting is done now.
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