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    Drone power

    Behind the scenes and 360 degree video:
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    Group 5 Helicycle for Sale

    The factory told me it would be about $3000 to overhaul the trans with new gears.
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    Potential Helicycles for Sale

    Link was missing a "-"
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    Group 5 Helicycle for Sale

    Stan - thanks for the kind words, I wish we'd of had more time that day to visit and talk Helicycles. Heliboy - I estimate it would take me 20-30 hrs of work to remove the transmission, including all the little things like building a fixture to support the engine and frame. I'm told it can...
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    Potential Helicycles for Sale

    There are a couple for sale on Barnstormers. They're selling cheaper than you can build them for these days, just in time for me to try selling mine.
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    Group 5 Helicycle for Sale

    Still available, price lowered. Sure wish the prices were this low when I was looking to buy 6 years ago. Mike
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    Group 5 Helicycle for Sale

    I have decided to put my Helicycle up for sale. It was completed and first flown in 2013 and has accumulated 158 trouble-free hrs. However, at the last oil change I discovered small metal flakes in the main transmission filter. Bore scope investigation found a small chip on the face of one...
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    Yaw string use description.

    The last instructor I had told me to think of it as a cat's tail, and don't step on the cat's tail.
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    a few HC videos ..........

    FLIR Videos FLIR Videos I recently uploaded a couple videos I took with a FLIR camera about 5 minutes after landing and rolling the Helicycle into the hangar. The outside temp was about 33 F so some parts look hotter than they really are, the temp scale is on the right and the top left shows...
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    Not a gyro but just as fun

    Miss Pearl belongs to the DAR that signed off my Helicycle. He flew it in to do the inspection. Amazing detail on it, not a bolt or nut that isn't polished. If I remember correctly, he said it started as a 115MPH plane and is now a 140MPH plane with the tail wheel conversion and all the speed...
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    For evaluation....

    Ok, I thought you were trying to decide if it was scratched based on the picture. If that didn't happen during cabin install/removal, it would have to be a serious shake to get the cabin to hit those fittings. I don't think a hard landing would do it without leaving a bent frame.
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    For evaluation....

    Ever see the reflections on a shiny, black car? Did the seller tell you there are marks on the back of the cabin or are you just inferring that from the picture?
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    For evaluation....

    Those are all just reflections of the ground/shop floor under the tanks. Nice shine on the paint job. Edit: Looking closer, I think it's the reflection of the cyclic mixer.
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    Quicksilver and a Helicycle

    What a surprise, I came to the forum to post a link to the video and find a thread already started on it. This was yesterday evening, just before dark, about 75 degrees and smoooth. We were 1500 - 2000 AGL, he likes to fly on the high side but at least I didn't have to worry as much about...
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    GREAT news for EAB in Kansas!

    Good News Good News I received a letter in the mail today from the state tax appeals committee stating that my exemption appeal has been approved. Mike