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  • I've got a new job working for a Communications company as a Network Administrator and it's Great!
    I'm learning more every day and always look forward to going to work.
    Work is consuming most all of my time, hopefully with the weather improving I'll be able to get out and do some rock climbing soon. I bought an 06' VW Jetta since I do so much traveling for work, it set me back $11k and I'm trying to pay that off as quickly as possible. I hope to buy another piece of property farther outta town (just sick of putting up with people's Crap!) and hope to either build an A-frame or small log cabin if I can afford it.
    Here I thought you've been flying on a regular basis.... what about getting one of those starters you can push up to your gyro and spin it up? I don't remember who it was that built one at the fly-in, but someone out there should have a handle on it, or maybe post a message on here?
    Take good care of yourself...& keep me in the loop.
    your Compadre....
    with Love,
    Hi Jake, Good to hear from you. I am well. What and how are you doing since you gave up sailing ?
    I haven't flown since the fly-in in Sept. Right now I am fixing up a hangar that I rented from Moe awhile back. The hangars are still falling down as they were when you were here. I will fly when I get the hangar all finished and can concentraten on flying. I still don't have a starter. Jim Siemer ( former owner of Rotordyne) was going to make me one but he came down with serious health problems and wasn't able to make it. He says he will give me the one off his gyro when he gives up flying which he expects to be some time later this year.
    All for now.
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