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  • Yes, I was planning on building a Genisis. I even ordered it and paid the majority of the cost. Then my wife decided after the fact that if I went thru with that, she would consider a divorce. I don't know how serious the threat was, but the mesg got thru loud and clear. So I backed out. They did return most of the money, but not all about $3800.00. Soured me big time. Maybe it was for the best because at the time getting training and gyro cert. would have meant traveling to Utah to do that. Alot more expense and hassel. And really, a gyro is just an expensive toy. I still would love to do it though.
    Have since turned my attention back into fixed wing flying with my wife's blessing. She thinks it's more practical.
    And yes, not a rancher, wifey just has alot of animals around, a mini zoo. Have been heavily involved with horses for the last 13 yrs. Lots of clinics and training. Even started about 30 head a couple of winters ago. Still have 5 horses. So that's part of the story. Later
    sorry this is so late. No, I do not fly a gyro, or anything at this time. The usual reasons. I would like to someday. I have been in three different gyros for a intro flight. I love it.
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