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  • Hey Wooly, we finally got our RAF back in the air. Tracked down the issue with wires going through the keel. The nose gear was rubbing them apart. We re-routed it all outside the keel. Had to take the seat tank out, etc. To add to the excitement, I was test flying it and the exhaust snapped in half near the engine. That will get your attention.
    Went well. First day was rain, hail, lightning. Can't believe he had me trying to learn to fly in that crap. I think he was just wanting my money. Head back somewhere around the week of the 18th to finish up with him. Should be in the air end of this month. Put my rotors on for the first time yesterday. Will start adjusting them tonight. Are you in the local EAA group? Where are you storing your gyro these days?
    Sorry to hear that. If you are in town during "business hours" I am at The Crossing at 48th and Maine.....kind of on your side of town. RAF is on South 24th.
    Thanks for your prayers and concern. I'm sad to say she passed away last week. We are missing her a lot, but know she is with Jesus now and not suffering any more.
    I will give you a call sometime when I get a chance to stop by. I'm looking forward to seeing your RAF.

    Do you have your sport pilot license yet?
    What all is involved. I know I train with Ron (minimum of 10 hours) then 10 hours of solo. I am not sure what happens after that. Do I go back to Ron and do some more training? Do I take FAA test (flying and written)? Where are you in the process?
    Wooly - I've flown! I went down and got 13 hours with Ron but never took my machine down. When I got back, I started by just practicing taxiing and balancing on the mains for quite a while. Then I moved to crow hopping down my grass strip for another few hours. I've now been flying 4 times so far just doing patterns around my strip and touch and goes. I've not gotten over a couple miles from home doing this yet. I'm still restricting my flying to calm winds too for a while.
    I've not flown for about a week now though as my Mom is doing poorly (cancer) and I've been helping take care of her.
    I hope to be able to fly again real soon. It's a blast.
    Wooly - Excellent. Have you got any pictures of it? What are the details? Horizontal Stab? Is it ready to fly? Where are you keeping it?

    Any time you want to talk gyro's I'm available. Keep me posted on your progress and I'll do the same.
    Actually very few carry insurance due to the cost. I've heard prople say that just after two or three years of paying for insurance they could have bought a new gyro. But, what if you damage somebody else's property?
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