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    Skeeter Jr.

    Do you think it will produce enough torque? I think they were lacking when tried in the helicycle, but they are maybe a slightly larger chopper. wolfy
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    Flying characteristics of a Bensen gyro.

    Your an ace Leigh (y) wolfy
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    Information on Wilford rigid-rotor autogyro seems to have vanished

    Yep you are the "your", I remember seeing video's of the lockheed rotor head. Very interesting to see your approach in action. wolfy
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    Information on Wilford rigid-rotor autogyro seems to have vanished

    It would be interesting to hear your solution anyway. wolfy
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    Brave New World

    You are possibly right mate but after watching another video where he was trying to teach someone to fly it, he had them hanging from a rope but it did not look stabilized at all :). wolfy
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    Brave New World

    Geez just a throttle and then weight shift for the rest, imagine loosing your balance. wolfy
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    My brave and crazy Russians in their gyro

    It sure has some power the way it vacates the scene. wolfy
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    Gyro Fun

    Thanks mate that is what I am thinking too, a gopro 9. I have a gopro 1. wolfy
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    How many Little Wings are flying?

    I believe there are only two flying in Oz, the one above and a radial powered one. I have a set of plans also, one day maybe. wolfy
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    Gyro Fun

    You may have said already Barry but what camera set up are you using? wolfy
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    gyrobee engine outs and other shenanigans

    Have you tried balancing your rotor Jeffro? looks to be a fair bit of 1 per rev there. wolfy
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    Testing a gopro

    That might be worth looking into mine is a gopro 1. wolfy
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    Testing a gopro

    A flight to the river, no recky flights yet so not getting to low in the river. Landing back home Couple more on my channel. wolfy
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    Testing a gopro

    I was given a Gopro recently, so just trying a mount. Looks to be picking up the engine/prop vibration a little. I don't have any editing software as tech is not really my thing, so all just raw footage. wolfy
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    New Member.

    Hi mate, gee I couldn't even imagine the running or return to service cost's of that Hind :). wolfy