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    Excellent machine
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    Ha! Yes and no! I speak to Nicolas regularly. Several intertwined problems. Fundamentally, there is no point taking it through the approval process until the design is properly stable as it becomes so difficult to change it after that. The demise of Dragonwings created a problem and also some...
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    South African article on gyro crashes!

    Good article. I'm embarrassed to admit that I took 70 hours in the UK to get my gyro licence and I already had a fixed wing licence! But I'm glad it took that long as the experience was invaluable.
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    BMW Boxer

    These guys sell a good useable BMW Engine for aircraft use - though it is not cheap: I've seen it on one gyro in the UK. The other option worth looking at is the Sauer range of VW engines but suspect they might only work well for single seaters.
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    Magni M24?

    Outstanding machine. Very good quality. Nice to fly. The only enclosed machine I would buy.
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    Auto-Gyro or Aviation Trendak?

    I'd go for the Magni M24 if you must have a side by side enclosed.
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    I think it very likely that a complete re-test would be required as the LAA would likely take the view that the additional structural members would have a significant effect.- though by then the process would be known and therefore faster. Closed cockpits require more close review of things like...
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    I think most of the cost is in the different pod. Otherwise it's just a variation of the triangulating pieces holding the mast to permit the pilot to sit between them rather than on top of them. Otherwise the frames are the same I think.
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    What ever happened to...?

    Gary Layzell still makes an updated version of Rotordyne blades. He has recently moved all his kit back from France to the UK so I expect will start again soon. Normally seen on the AV18 and Merlin gyros. He is on [email protected] - probably needs a few orders to get going.
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    Nope - just the extensive testing required by the UK authorities to permit the Aviomania machines to be built and flown here in the UK
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    I am expecting the engineering drawings to arrive shortly which then hopefully will permit the design of a testing programme acceptable to the LAA. The test frame is built and in Cyprus but Nicolas wants to make sure it will pass before shipping it. Once structural testing is complete, we can...
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    For what it's worth, I scoured the market for a suitable single seat kit gyroplane to bring into the UK with its very stringent regulations and the one I ended up deciding to go with is the Aviomania GS1b with the GS1e Sport as the next one.
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    Aviomania CE

    Yes - expecting plans at the end of this month. Once I have them, the UK process will start in earnest.
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    Las Vegas - mass shooting

    No Title This is the reason many non-Americans think the US has a problem with guns and can't understand why an otherwise relatively sane country (well no more or less than anywhere else) can tolerate it. The freedom to bear arms comes at a high price - much as if you were to demand the right...
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    Las Vegas - mass shooting

    Actually we have - the chemical input for explosives are wherever possible tightly controlled and possession of anything that the police consider could be an offensive weapon (which definitely includes kitchen utensils outside the kitchen) can deliver a jail term. The incidents you refer to are...