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  • NB: Have decided that an idea flight would be from Jo'burg up through Botswana to Zambia (Victoria Falls - Lower Zambezi - Shiwa N'Gandu, Tanzania and then up the coast to Kilifi!
    Hi Leigh. I think I will be part of a select bunch here as Magnis are really VERY expensive here. They are about €5k more expensive that a similar spec MTOSport but do don't have the option of the Rotax 912S as you do with the MT which is what most people select, so actually ends up being another €10k. But in my opinion after a careful review, the engineering is much better and stronger - and flying it from the front seat is just a much nicer experience subjectively. The M24 might do better as it is a more likely competitor for the Robinson R22 and very much cheaper than that. There aren't too many M16s here and with the VAT hoik, I think it might stay that way! The CAA required quite extensive strengthening to an already strong frame - the mast had to be able to take a 15g impact from the Rotax engine to pass without deformation - so "beefy" is the word.
    Hi Will, Chris and Meg just arrived back and had a lovely time. Told me about your new purchase. I am delighted for you, the two ours I got in a Magni out here in Kenya impressed me a lot. Not as nippy as the Bensen but very nice indeed. Would love to see it some time.

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