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    Some encouraging news re powerplants.

    I was at Sebring on Saturday and also noticed another new (to me) engine on display. ULPower also looked interesting. I don't know anything about them but it was good to see them and Viking showing up as an option.
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    Gyro Ron seriously injured in a flying accident

    I guess I have no humor. I find this post misleading and offensive. Woody
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    WOW-Heavy Rain

    The wind has not been that bad in Citrus County but rain most of yesterday and last night. Still at it will active thunder moving in again. Good rain storm :) Woody
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    Mentone '10 CFI Meeting

    Communication Communication This is really a troubling thread. It shows how unorganized Gyro CFIs and the PRA seem to be. Communication has always been the problem to the answer. A friend of mine expressed interest in Gyros earlier this year so we spent about 6 hours making the trip to...
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    Murder in my hood

    It is good to remember that anything that happens in the "Big Citys" also happens in small towns and even in the country. Just not as often: Which is why I do not want to live in any big city. As for guns, they have very little to do with crime - crime has been around much longer than guns...
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    Please take this poll if your not a current PRA member

    Ron, I fit in your poll as I was member for several years; a long time ago. As this was before the internet the PRA and its magazine were about the only source of Gyro information. The more I learned the more I became concerned with people getting killed and the lack of understanding about how...
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    Message from the US Government.

    I am sure she is not trying to say someone working in a produce field is a bad thing. I am even pretty sure people working the fields in this country even get a pay check, where ever they came from.
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    Obama's 1st 100 days.

    Was not trying to say you changed it. Miss quoting is rampant on both sides of any issue and probably worse in politics. I no longer forward quotes without trying to check them as 80% are made up or changed. Which is really a shame, as our politicians say enough stupid stuff we don't need to...
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    Obama's 1st 100 days.

    Here is the original from the March 13 press conference. Some people do not mind altering 'details' to make a better sound bite: "Q: But don't you believe that the threat that bin Laden posed won't truly be eliminated until he is found either dead or alive? W: Well, as I say, we haven't heard...
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    Message from the US Government.

    Tini, you do know they have had machines for picking cotton now days don't you?
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    Seatbelts & broken necks.

    If anyone is interested, this is the motorcycle jacket that was mentioned above
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    Turbines are ruining aviation

    a turbine what? a turbine what? Once you get the turbine in there, how are you going to hold enough fuel to go anywhere? Those things are thirsty :laser: W
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    Help. I think my wife is cheating on me

    What to do What to do If that Harley (has to be a Harley in this context) is under warranty get it to the dealer right a way. If not under warranty a small oil leak is expected and gives your bike character. As for the wife, don’t worry about it. One can’t hurt and two can’t get on. W (ya...
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    US Aviators Mini-500 Flight Report

    I don’t stop in a lot any more because of **** like this, but I got to say that this one has some humor. Dennis starts this tread to pick on Zoom, probably without him ever knowing about it. But Zoom does see it and will not play. He has the first (probably of many planned) articles removed...
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    Jon's Day in Traffic Court.

    After reading this self centered, self serving post it looks more like a spoiled temper tantrum. Sounds like Jonathan got caught while he was slowing down and can’t accept he could possibly be speeding when it’s just so much easier to blame the Cop (always the easiest target), The DA, and the...