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    AirGyro AG915 N4446S now has its airworthiness certificate, too.

    I've encountered insurers who impose requirements like that but have yet to see a 500 hr in type demand in any gyro from the FAA.
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    Monnet Moni = FW Motor glider

    I see too few and far between sales to estimate a reliable value. As an educated guess , I might expect average condition examples to be in the $4000 - 5000 range, with super-nice maybe $7000-8000, but unlikely to exceed that. Best I can do with little data . . .
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    air disturbance

    Glider pilots live for this stuff.
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    Monnet Moni = FW Motor glider Probably not a good first single-place for novices, but fun otherwise.
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    Imagine. Too much HP.

    Some people don't want to waste any time getting to retreating blade stall.
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    Imagine if ....

    I understand the appeal, but my personal fantasy would be a modern version of the Fairey Gyrodyne.
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    Fatal - Cavalon G-CKYT, Scotland, UK

    I do see better and worse. If you had been on this forum long ago, you would have seen plenty of attempted justification for retaining serious design flaws offered by people who were quick to say that training was the better answer. It's an unpleasant history. Perhaps you didn't mean to echo...
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    Tow Bar Head

    These are commonly used to pull gliders around, except attached to a tail dolly wheel (the dolly straps onto the rear fuselage) instead of a nosewheel (which most gliders don't have). I'll see if I can find a picture of mine. It works as bugflyer has described. Check...
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    The ideas are certainly familiar here but several of the acronyms are not in common usage. It's a bit like "QFE" and ”QNH", which aren't called that by most in US general aviation, although we all know how to set an altimeter. As somebody once said, we're two nations divided by a common language.
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    FlyCom Helmet

    Last time I saw a throat mic in use, it was while watching 12 O'clock High, and Col. Savage was shouting into one, to be heard over the racket in a B-17 in heavy flak above a German ball bearing factory. My father (a B-17 veteran) told me that the sound quality was awful. Is there a better...
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    Take Off Distance Required ? Maximum All-Up Weight ? Operative Engine Is Oily? Oscar Eats In Oregon? Old MacDonald had a farm, OEIO, oh ?
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    AirGyro AG915 N4446S now has its airworthiness certificate, too.

    Well, that actually is the real reason behind the whole EAB category. The purpose isn't to produce more aircraft, or better aircraft, or easy construction, or to avoid the hurdles or certification, or to build it cheaply, but to undertake construction solely for personal "education or...
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    Never used a buggy whip, but my trusty ivory-clad Keuffel & Esser log-log duplex decitrig got me through college. Still have it, plus a collection of Picketts in metal and plastic and some circular pocket size units. Even have a working slide rule tie clasp.
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    Enjoying the freedoms of El Mirage Dry Lake during the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-in (2020)

    We have the occasional wildflower, bison, lake, puma, aspen, river, etc.