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  • Hi
    Im pretty sure I have the right person here, but I have an option to buy a J2 here in New Zealand which I understand once belonged to you, and you sold it to Rob Saunders?
    The aircraft has been advertised on again / off again for a long time now, and it has always caught my imagination.
    I have posted a request in the general section of the forum seeking opinions from those experienced with the J2, as to whether it would be practical for an owner to perform their own maintenance on one, since our local law permits such? Can I ask what your thoughts are on this? My main concern is with the rotor head and controls; are there many inspections or maintenance required that you would consider beyond the scope of an owner who had a reasonable ability when it comes to things mechanical? I don’t have any official mechanical or engineering qualification or background.

    Obviously, it’s been a while, and the J2 now has 660hrs on it, but what is your recollection of that particular machine, and J2’s in general?

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks. As it turns out yesterday I picked up some cherry blades yesterday from Bob Aspergren. Took a few other J2 items as well (cleaned him out). Bob said that you do J2 training. Is that correct? Would you do J2 transition training for me?

    Also, what did you do about the rudder cables on your J2? Do you still have the "conrolex" cables or did you get approval for something else? Mine need replacement to be re-greased (some how).
    Hey WaspAir,
    I was wondering if you knew of any available J2 blades. Mine seem to be airworthy (still working on them) but they are tired and could be replaced. I know of one set of blades but they are going for a rather handsome price. What would you pay for a set of J2 blades anyway?

    Brock (Vanek's old J2)
    Thanks for backing me up on my fuel tank posts. I can't know what the fudging:lying ratio was there with Dofin, but he definitely knew the thing leaked when at near full capacity.

    Quick question: as a PP-ASEL, what would I have had to do extra in my PTS to get a PP-Gyro vs. only a SP? Can I fly at night in my gyro now as a PP-ASEL?

    Hi wasp air, I'm somewhat new to all this and I had a couple of questions I hope you could answer for me.

    How much would you charge for an introductory flight in your gyro? How much for lessons?

    I'm looking at my options for flying gyros (SP, recreational, private) for a side by side gyro I would purchase later. I'm liking the idea of jump takeoffs and more freedom with the more advanced licenses, but not sure what would be best for my needs.

    What exactly is the differences between recreational and private pilot licenses?
    Is there any pilots license that allows someone to purchase and fly a completely factory-built gyro in the US?

    I live in boulder creek (just north of Santa Cruz) and would rather not fly all the way to Utah just to give my benefactor friend a feel of gyro flight to know that's the way to go.

    Thanks for any help.
    Josh McCraty
    [email protected]
    A full CFI in category X class Y can instruct for any level of certificate in category X class Y. E.g., I have a full CFI rating in rotorcraft - gyroplane; I can instruct for sport pilot, recreational, private, commercial, or instructor ratings in rotorcraft - gyroplane. A Sport Pilot instructor rating allows you to instruct ONLY for the sport pilot ratings, not recreational, private, etc.
    I would be interested in a ride in your J2 or AS18. I travel between Oregon and SO CA frequently and often stop in the San Jose area. What are the costs and how much notice do you need to schedule some time? I have flown Bensen in the past but currently fly FW.

    It's a McCulloch Super J-2, Standard Airworthiness side-by-side two place, Lycoming O-360, rotor system resembling a Hughes 269 / Schweizer 300 helicopter.
    Hello WaspAir. I'm still new at this gyrocopter business (80 hours in MT03/MTOsport) so I'm blaming my newbie status on my inability to identify your machine. Please put me out of my misery and tell me what is the machine pictured in your avatar? Kind regards, Clive
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