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    President trump

    Shame on me for posting this on this tread, but I'm so happy I just got to tell you that five months in the making our rotor blades have finally arrived at Anahuac Airport.
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    23' Sky Wheels For sale soon.

    No. I think he sold them four years ago.
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    New to Gyros DFW Tx area

    William. We are at the hanger most every Saturday. Someone is generally there at around 9:am. Our CFI is Tony Thomas. We look forward to your visit whenever you can make it down our way. Danny
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    New to Gyros DFW Tx area

    William, Welcome We have a PRA club down here at Anahuac (Just outside Houston) Texas. We have several gyros in the hanger and a CFI on hand. So, come visit us when you can. Danny
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    What's wrong with this AR1C?

    I have a question about airworthiness for a gyro plan. Can a builder of a two seat Dominator get a airworthiness certificate since he did not take any photos or keep a log of the build process because at time he thought the aircraft is an open frame and the only part that covered is the...
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    Rotor blades - Airworthiness Directive - Celier - Trendak - Argo

    As another AR-1 owner, just curious, with what serial number did you start using the right process?
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    Wanted: Subaru engine mount.

    Good decision.
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    Wanted: Subaru engine mount.

    What engine will you be using instead of the Subaru?
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    Hydraulic Jump Takeoff Air Command?

    Hank Henchman was also in the jump take off contest at Greencastle, In.
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    N925AG AR-1 - Texas

    Yesterday I trailered the AR-1 to the Texas Light Sport aircraft in San Antonio, Texas for repair. Paul called today with the inspection results. A dropped valve in the number 2 cylinder. As I understand it the engine can’t be repaired because of the two part crankshaft that Rotax uses. He has...
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    Finally !!

    Good news Steve Good news Steve That's great to hear Steve. Put me down for a biannual flight review at Mentone in August. Looking forward to it. Danny Whitten
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    Another open tandem coming

    Will you be offering one Will you be offering one Abid. Will you be offering a kit for the AR-1.
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    Add Three Words

    There once was a gyroplane pilot who built a high thrust line AirCommand gyro that had red rotors and a voluptuous tail that went on a huge stabiliser and was flown in to the Gyro Beauty Contest. The judges thought.. "Wow two Engines", how does this make it go? The crowd was predominantly...
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    Bastrop ... here we come !!!

    Thank you Chris Thank you Chris Chris, Thank you so much for letting me tag along. It was a great adventure. Danny