My Dad built and flew - Benson Gyro glider, Benson Gyro Copter, Scorpion I Helicopter, Dyke Delta, Zenith CH-200, Varieze, KIS-TR2 (highly modified), rebuilt wreaked Beech B-19 Sport, Piper Arrow II, Mooney Mk-19. So I been invovled in aviation since I was able to walk in the shop. I helped him build or rebuild all but the Gyro's (to young at the time). I have had several ultralights and built a Starflight from raw materials with the designer lending me the jigs. I had a Sadler Vampire, built and flying a Breezy, bought and flew the proto-type Lil Bitts Biplane (sold). The gyro bug has bitten - I have plans for the Dominator, JT-5, GyroBee, HoneyBee, Hornet.

SEL - Fixed Wing
Independence, MO.
Miway Breezy (Builder) - 304PR
Total Flight Time
150 hours
Real Name
Phil Robinson
Network Planner - Fiber Optics
Primary Airport
Liberty Landing - 4MO4



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