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    Which iPad to use for ADSB in & out?

    I use the same system as rlaird above. Ipad mini 4 running iflygps and uavionix for ads-b in and out. Works superbly. Besides the terrain database the iflygps software also excels as you can make the text blocks very large which is nice for senior eyes in a bouncy gyroplane cockpit. I also...
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    914 oil/turbo issue.

    Birdy, You need to keep that muffler on so you don't disturb your neighbors!!😂😂😂😂😂 I coked my turbo up once when I did not do a full 5 minute cooldown before shutting down the engine. The guys that did the turbo clean advised that I inlarge the drain tube from the turbo to the turbo oil sump...
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    Fixed wing pilot moving from Japan to Utah

    Much as I love flying my gyro in Colorado if I were planning on flying in Montana, Utah, Idaho I would definately get a fixed wing, for many of the reasons Dave mentioned. In a FW you will feel much more comfortable seeing a much greater chunk of those 3 wonderful states. Rob
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    Ever wanted to know how aircraft flies? Here you go, Aerodynamics 101:

    Complete BS - everyone knows you feed dollars into the franzus converter and that creates lift- more dollars equals more lift. Simple. Rob