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    Xenon Pre-rotator gear box

    Thanks. I sent photos today. Let me know what you can do or if you need more photos. Rob
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    Xenon Pre-rotator gear box

    Thanks. Denis responded quickly and had some good suggestions.
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    Xenon Pre-rotator gear box

    The right angle gear box on my Xenon pre-rotator recently failed and I am looking for a solution. I considered switching to a flexible shaft pre-rotator but am having difficulty sourcing one and figuring out what parts I need to adapt it to my rotorhead. Sportcopter has not responded to me...
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    EAA's Timeless Voices, John Miller

    I stayed in some touch with Johnny after I first met him and he told me so many wonderful stories about his barnstorming days and other adventures. He was still instructing into his 90's. His email address was jennystojets as he had started his career flying Curtiss JN Jenny biplanes and...
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    EAA's Timeless Voices, John Miller

    I had an awesome opportunity to spend a day with Johnny Miller in 2005 while I was flying my gyro to all 48 states in the Continental US. I had arranged to meet Gyro record holder Andy Keech and when I arrived he told me we were on tap to drive to meet Steve Pitcarin owner of the Miss Champion...
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    Which iPad to use for ADSB in & out?

    I use the same system as rlaird above. Ipad mini 4 running iflygps and uavionix for ads-b in and out. Works superbly. Besides the terrain database the iflygps software also excels as you can make the text blocks very large which is nice for senior eyes in a bouncy gyroplane cockpit. I also...
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    914 oil/turbo issue.

    Birdy, You need to keep that muffler on so you don't disturb your neighbors!!😂😂😂😂😂 I coked my turbo up once when I did not do a full 5 minute cooldown before shutting down the engine. The guys that did the turbo clean advised that I inlarge the drain tube from the turbo to the turbo oil sump...
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    Fixed wing pilot moving from Japan to Utah

    Much as I love flying my gyro in Colorado if I were planning on flying in Montana, Utah, Idaho I would definately get a fixed wing, for many of the reasons Dave mentioned. In a FW you will feel much more comfortable seeing a much greater chunk of those 3 wonderful states. Rob
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    Ever wanted to know how aircraft flies? Here you go, Aerodynamics 101:

    Complete BS - everyone knows you feed dollars into the franzus converter and that creates lift- more dollars equals more lift. Simple. Rob