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  • Mate. Just saw your message. I'm well and trust you and Dee are too.
    I retired in 2012 and haven't flown fixed wings since. Still flying gyros though. O have a modified RAF and a Monarch. Still instructing but slowing down. Prefer the Monarch now just for fun.

    Take Care. Fly safe.

    Regards Allan.
    Hello Mr. Dublin
    Yes we met in Pueblo when you were on your way back home and I was on my way to fly my Sport Copter M912. I still have your card and would like to chat sometime with you if that is alright.
    Tony Steffani
    Pueblo, Co
    I’d be great to talk. Ill be at Burning Man for the next two weeks with no phone, but let’s connect after Sept 5
    Hi Mr Dublin. My name is Scott Williams and was reading about your Xenon turbo set up. I have an AR1 with a 912 ULS 100hp and when I get the warranty flown off I plan on doing a few mods and the turbo set up you have sounds like it may be something to look at. If you would I would appreciate any inf you have that may help me to add this system to mine.

    Thank you for your time Sincerely Scot Williams
    Howdy. I live in Crawford CO and just got off phone talking with Mark Treidel. He says you would be a good resource on high density altitude autogyro operations. My cell phone is 970-250-9009 or e-mail [email protected]
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