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  • Enjoyed our brief talk yesterday ar Santa Paula. See you at Mentone.
    Russ Owens
    Hi Vance,
    I enjoyed meeting you at Rotors Over The Rockies this month, I learned so much seeing all the different gyros and listening to the presentations.
    Thank you for sharing your gyro stories and flying knowledge.
    Curtis in SLC
    Hi Vance I was very pleased to meet you this weekend. Lord willing it won't be the last time. Hope Edna is feeling better, as I would have liked to have met her too.
    Thanks so much for your kind words, Vance. Actually, you had a big part in my inspiration to move forward to this point. I attended my first flyin @ El Mirage last year and I took note of how far you have taken this sport and the possibilities that are yet to layout in front of me. Your article describing your flight to El Mirage, the awards you received and your unselfish participation further supported this sentiment. Hope our flight paths cross in the near future as I would like to meet you and hear more about your "exploits" as I now understand the dedication and sacrifice that help define this term.
    Hello Vance.

    Im back to wish you a very happy Birthday.

    Glad we are 10-12 hours ahead of you guys.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Best Regards.
    Hi Vance, sorry this seems to have gone unanswered. It am guessing but around 4000 miles. I have done it it in various commercial aircraft and myself in Jets however I would never be able to experience it as it was in the old days.

    In some ways without the legislation, and the spread of the British Empire in those days it was simpler if a lot more dangerous with a view to engine reliability.

    The recent exploits of our would be round the world gyro trailblazers have shown that some extraordinary overwater flights can now be safely attempted

    A dream I have had for a while, is a flight from England to Kenya in something like a Xenon.

    My father when he left the Airforce flew a DH Rapide out from England on that very journey. It is one I would love to make.

    Could you or Ed email me some pics of your engine mounts on your O-320 installation. Today I got my new (to me) O320-D1D which was used on a Gulfstream twin. It turned out to be a 160HP with 2600 hrs on it. Do you have any trouble with overheating on the ground? Thanks in advance, John K.
    You mean Teddy or Marion has not told you of my mishap? I find that hard to believe since you hang around them and they like telling stories of gyro pilots mishaps. So when you brought that up on the post I thought again you where just trying to embarrass me so I will say if you really did not know then I have my head up my ass this time. But again you pretending of not knowing why I don't like you or Ed is also confusing you know very well why I don't like Ed from her postings of me saying that I am not fit to be a gyro pilot or a women. Does that ring a bell? since that comments how can I not dislike her?
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