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  • I had hoped to make it for spring, but not going to happen. Life gets in the way again. Really disappointed too, as I was going to bring some 120 proof bourbon for you knock back and also some cigars. Will plan on the fall. This is Stan Dare from Saint Louis. Let me know the fall dates please.
    I think you might like my METAR chart that I am working on. Please check it out at PeachstateRotocraft.

    John Pipe
    Hey there, I had seen on an older forum post that you had plans for a rotorhead and emailed them to another member. I was wondering if you still had any, as i would like to start drafting some up. If you could, i would greatly appreciate. Any plans really, from a whole gyro to just the control scheme or rotorhead , all would be awesome.

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    Hi Lee just saw you where looking for all tipe of plans back in 2018 to build your own gyrocopter, I am in the same situation right now, if you were able to get plans would you share them with me ? Anything you ve got is good to start studying and planning the proyect. Im planning to build a tandem gyro with honda automotive engine 120hp with belt reduction drive, located in Argentina. Thanks in advance. Seba.
    Barry, apparently after I finished the hang test Saturday at the fly-in someone left your magnetic protractor on my machine and I did not see it until I got home. Send me the address where you want it sent and I'll mail it to you

    Rod Kerns
    [email protected]
    Hi Mike....absolutely bring your Parsons down anytime....would love to take a look at it.
    I will check around to see if anyone is looking for help....don't know of any just now.
    Let me know when you're available. 704-506-6909. [email protected]

    Hi berry would like to bring my parson down to your hanger in August , are you still ok with that? Also do have any business friends in Greensboro that might bee looking for part time employee. My is looking for job while he goes to school,he is reliable and in the military reserve. Can I get get phone and email address ?
    Thanks Mike ny
    berry this is the handsomest pilot here. looking at a sub 22 engine. do you know of any internal modifications needed (like thrust bearing).
    That all depends on wind, runway conditions, HP, all up weight, type of pre rotator....etc
    I'd say at least 1000 ft but that's just a guess.
    hi Joe...I saw som pics and it looks good. make sure to check every nut and bolt and I'd have the rotorhead looked at by Ernie Boyett at Rotor Flight Dynamics. As for the engine....I dont think it will be enough power. I had one on a gyro....had to swap it for a EJ22 @ 130HP. Our next fly In is May 15-17....make sure you bring her down. :)
    berry you never responded to the pictures of my new(old) gyro i bought. i believe i ts a mack 1 with a subaru 81 engine. im looking for our opinion on my purchase good or bad. thanks me the joe.
    Hi Mike,

    No problem...I will be out Thursday evening around 5 and Friday evening.
    I will more than likely be around the airport on Saturday also.

    Come on out!

    Hi Barry,
    Sorry I missed you today but I might call out to airfield some evening this week if you any of the gyro guys are around,

    I am replacing my decking and I wanted to talk to you about PVC planks. If you could give me a call at 252-342-0535 I would appreciate it.

    I will definitely do that! I might need to fast the week before I come though...I'm 6'5" 205lbs. might be borderline. It will be at least April some time before I'm finished with the build. I'll probably post some pics of the framework the end of the week. If its ok with you guys I'll see if my friend Walter wants to come. He has been into gyros since the 70's and never has anybody to fly with. I can't wait!

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