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    tyc. I found a post by you referencing an old cad system called Prodesign II. I purchased that software back in those times and love it. I still use it on and old windows98 system computer. I recently needed to use it again and figured out how to use it on my windows xp system. The only problem is I cannot print any of the drawings.

    Considering your March 2008 post recommending it to another member as a way to get started, I was wondering if you know of any method to successfully print the drawings through the usb ports. The new pc's do not have parallel ports and the program does not recognize what a usb is. Also the old softwares required a printer designation that are irrellevant today.

    Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I keep looking at new cad programs, but either they are too costly for my needs, or are too complex for my simple requirements.

    Thanks for your help.
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