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  • Hello Michael.
    What type of home cnc machine do you have. I have been reseaching some of the benchtop machines.
    Hello, :wave:

    My wife knows how much I like helicopters. She found a Scorpion 1 on Craig’s List. I now have a new project complete with blue prints and assembly manuals. Most of it is there but I bought it mostly for the frame and control system. I will be using the Helicycle as a loose guide to what needs to be done to make this a flyable machine. . I’ll have to scrounge for my parts, which is half the fun of doing this. I can’t just dump money into this but I have at least five years to work on this. By profession I have the skills to make a lot of what I’ll need. I do reverse engineering, mechanical design and machining for work. I use Autodesk Inventor for my design work and CNC mills and lathes for machining. I wish I could use their CNCs but I do have my own hobby CNC mill for making small parts.

    P.S. I have the coolest wife. :hippie:
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