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  • Hi Alex. I am looking for a new rotor for my older 914 MTO Sport with Type 1 head/tower.
    One of us have bought a Rotor-Tech rotor. And I am contemplating the Gyro-Tech.
    You wrote: "One more is Gyrotech/RotorTech companies (Poland) splitted recently."
    Do you have more info and history for a curious person.
    Thank you for helping with the prop. My Aero Prop is nice and it was even cheap.
    did you find autogyro mto 3d documantation ?
    Nope. It ended up with drawing it ourselves basing on existing original drawings and direct measurements on a real MTO. Unfortunately a man who paid for this job finally decided to keep results from public. I believe that reason is he wants to make one more of a row MTOsport clone.
    Hi Twistair,
    it seems that I have currently the same problem with the pre-rotator on my MTO.
    You wrote:
    "some very small particle blocked the jet which regulates airflow speed to cylinder”...
    Which one is the “jet”you are referring to. Do you mean the little throttle screw at the
    engine-cylinder? I really need urgently help, this [problem is driving me crazy. Thanks.
    Hello Twistair,

    I was reading a post were you mention you have a Simonini Victor 2 engine and that some people in your club use them.

    I really apreciated your coments on this engine. Was your experiences and recomendations.

    As you may know everybody only speak good about Rotax engines and very bad about other brands.

    Is very hard to find info about this engine in other forums. Its look like this engine is used more in Europe contries.

    Thx for your time and help

    The funniest thing is my own location: Quelquepart. Damn, in the Middle of Nowhere=)

    I`m still unable to find the tags (or they call them threads - by the way, what`s the difference?) `bout the recent (and not) autogyro events, descriptions and what not. i do hope i`ll be able to cope up with that myself, still if not, could you show me the main items please?
    TIA, Brun (how amusing to use MY name=))
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