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  • What are the leingth of the blades, do U have the Hub bar and if so, what is the leingth of it as well. And show some Pic, that will tell us all what we need to see.

    Yes, both Ron and I have 2 place machines. Would love to give you a ride!

    How much you weigh? We can both take up to about 200 lb passengers.

    Nearest CFI to us is Gary Neil near Gaffney, SC. He trains in an RAF2000...if he can teach me to fly....he can teach anyone!

    We'd love to check out your machine and Ron is famous for his test flying abilities!

    Drop me a line when you can make it down to Goose Creek!

    HI Tim,

    Noticed your in NC. Gyro Ron and I are hangared at GooseCreek Airport (28a) near Charlotte. This is an open invitation to come visit us and talk gyros as well as a good ride as long as weather permits!

    We're there all the time!

    We're glad to help out in anyway if you have any questions!

    I do belive, I do check with the powered parachute folks they use the belt reduction drive alot on those things and there is a guy that sells rotax on ebay all the time let me see if I can get his info he should have a belt drive system. I did not see a posting for him at the moment place a thread on the forum someone will have the answer you need or the part.

    Send me an email address and you'll have them right away, I will also include roter head drawings and Flight control drawings.
    KB2 PLANS!!! I am desperate to find a set of kb2 plans. I have looked everywhere online, brock mfg. has been closed, none on ebay. I read some things about the vortech bensen plans last night and I've decided against those. If anybody has a set, i would pay you for them even if you want to send me copies. Please help!!!
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