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    Gyrocopter….the new ? (fill in the blanks)

    Hang on boys and girls……………. 'Cause here it comes…………? **********
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    Rotor blades - 22' dragon wings - not 23'...

    NOTE: THESE ARE NOT 23' BUT ARE 22' DRAGON WINGS. SORRY FOR THE EARLIER MIS-INFORMATION. (I must be prone to exaggerating lengths……) ROTOR BLADES - 22' DRAGON WINGS - BUTTER SMOOTH These blades are located in Wauchula, FL and are presently being flown by Dave Seace. He’s been keeping them...
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    The mystery over the missing Malaysian jetliner

    Why Climb? Why Climb? ************** Why climb - to any altitude? If his cruise altitude was FL350, why not dump the cabin pressure at that altitude. The climb is puzzling………..
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    Tired of carrying all your credit cards when you go flying?

    This is just too cool. All your credit cards on one 'card'. And you can get it for half what it will cost when it comes out.
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    Cutting thin plywood

    ******** A little late but a router can be your best friend when cutting holes. There are several different ways to do it. Look on You Tube for some of them. This will give you an idea........ Jasper Circle Jig - YouTube **********
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    Actually, I meant to post this as well......... Cartergyro - YouTube ************
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    Dom tires and wheels

    This is probably the absolute best quality to be had for the Dom. All others are flimsy in comparison. And this is the best source I've found..............(you don't have to open an account) ****************
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    Homopolar motor

    ************ Is she missing some teeth too?................:D *********
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    Anti-glare/reflection inhibitor film?

    Rick, You know what a goofuss I can be sometimes but I'm sittin' here thinking about what would work for your problem and I was just wonderin'.......... Your problem is 'reflection' - period. You need to use something that would 'diffuse' the sunlight on the surface of the screen. That would...
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    Para-gliding Awesome!

    ********* Magnifique....! *********************
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    Want To Build A QuadCopter?

    ******* *****************
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    Obama commitment to $100-per-flight fee

    Publius Huldah Publius Huldah ********* Publius Huldah Thanks for this bit of info. I'm surely going to add this to my quiver to use as time goes on. Strict constructionists are hard to find these days.
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    Obama commitment to $100-per-flight fee

    ************** Freedom and free enterprise - what made this Country great - are rapidly disappearing. Raising taxes inevitably net less revenue to the government. It stifles growth and innovation. So, if you apply the following maxim, what do you think government wants: Tax it less and...
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    Obama commitment to $100-per-flight fee

    *********** What is almost humorous about this thread and particularly those who just can't condemn RAISING TAXES is that: It's all about what type of government we're willing to tolerate. Presently, our government, as a result of irresponsible over-spending on every level, sees as the only...
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    New Italian Aircraft Tax!

    ********** Sad, isn't it?...........