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    Hi Jeremy, It looks like you've found yourself an old towable Bensen Gyrocopter. Lots of training done in those machines back in the day. Personally I've never seen anything more than videos. There should be some people on here who know far more about these machines.
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    ghost threads

    It's less work to delete an occasional Spammer than reviewing each and every new membership. Plus, once a person signs up, if they're legit, they don't want to wait around a day or two for a moderator to approve them. Deleting Spam and Spammers is no big deal, it's a couple of clicks which...
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    Awash with Spam

    I spend less time working on this than you guys spend commiserating about it. We get hit for a couple days and you'd swear to god the end of the world is near. There are verification controls in place. In spite of that, sometimes they still get through. As soon as we see one, we delete them...
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    Awash with Spam

    Sorry, I was in Mexico for a few days. Really getting hit lately. I'll work with the tech guys on a solution.
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    ghost threads

    We've gotten hit hard the last few days. I'll look for a solution.
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    Sad news

    I remember John well. Just yesterday I was looking at a very old thread and some posts from "Screw". I remember he built a great looking machine with a checkerboard tail. Sad to hear of his passing.
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    Member location

    I need to check with Ivan, see what happened to it. We'll get it back.
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    Member location

    Check out the new addition to the left column. I really like it, what do you guys think?
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    Air Command or Dominator Wanted (update... found)

    Thats a great looking Dominator. Congratulations!
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    Member location

    Sounds good to me. Please add the location field. Thank You
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    Can't Shake the Bug!

    Hi Bob, Welcome t the forum. You've found the right place to keep the bug going. Lots of great information and people here to help you along.
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    Getting no-name critical parts

    It looks like Amazon has a pretty good selection of genuine Heim products: I'm with Vance on this, I wouldn't use any no-name parts in something as critical as the control system.
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    Test Pilot Needed

    Ron Awad is on the East Coast and has lots of Gyro and Fixed wing time and loves to fly new things. An airline ticket may convince him to do it.
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    Real Names

    I’ll have to look into that. Obviously something in the new software.
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    Real Names

    You would be surprised what people say when hiding behind an alias. Now please update your profile with your full real name. Thank You