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  • Todd, the new software and setup looks really nice and seems to work well, including the "new posts" function, which didn't seem to work at all before. I wish you the best in the unenviable job of keeping things civil. One day I may be able to help moderate, if that's a need. - Paul
    Thank you for your efforts Todd, I love this place.
    I tried to send you a private message and it says I am full up. I have not been successful at deleting them.
    [email protected] is a good way to communicate with me.
    Thank you, Vance
    Was looking back at some old posts and noticed 3-26-2017 you mentioned you visit Gonzaga Bay. We are in Casa 44, approach end of rwy 01, 44 magnum. Will be here until June. Drop by for a drink and visit.
    Hi Tood, Could you please change the RAF manufacturing site to South Africa. It has been a long time since my last request on this. Forum looks nice. Dave
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