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  • Hi. I´m very interested in your TANDEM kit. Do you still sell them? How can I get in touch with you? Thanks.
    Hi Leon! I just finished looking over your tanden, side by side, and rotor pages. Your work is outstanding! In each of your projects, it looks like you made three of each, sold two to use the one. Did this pay off or are you still in the red? I can appreciate the time and effort just going into the design of these birds! Please let me know when/if you ever decide to market in the US. Keep up the great work! -- Matt Schmitz
    Hello Darek,
    you could write me here - in priviate messages

    you are from ZEN aviation ? Am I right ?

    Engine is not yet tested - when we will test it on gyro I will tell you how it works....
    Helo Leon
    Could Yoy Give me Your email adress . I am very interesting about Your engine concept ( compresor and injection ). I think I saw Your new side by side at Muret in Pascal Zanin hangar.
    Hi Leon! I was wondering if you'd be interested in looking at designing/adding a stub wing and box tail to your tandem design? I've been looking at ways to improve speeds, improve COG issues, and increase fuel tank sizes. I think I've got an idea that would add 20-30 gallons of fuel, improve yaw control, reduce PIO, and increase speeds 20-40%. This is based on work done a long time ago on winged gyros back in the day. This would make your tandems one of a kinds instead of just really nice low cost alternates. Let me know! -- Matt
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