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    Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Edition

    Sold! Thanks...
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    Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Edition

    I no longer need this book. Made learning how to communicate with the tower really easy. $15.00 plus shipping and I'll include an ASA VFR Metal knee board. What others are saying about "Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy": "Wonderful! Makes communications a snap. Takes out all the...
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    RAF down 2 dead

    "In my opinion, Brupbacher's "certification" was knowingly and willfully fraudulent" It's highly unlikely that this CFI would ever see this or act on it but I'd be very careful making this kind of accusation.
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    When floks ask what is it like to fly. What do you tell him?

    I tell them that flying a gyro is the most fun you can have with your hands between your legs and not go blind...
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    The tragedy of a Litigious society!

    " ...and probably will for the rest of my life but it was an accident. No one meant to hurt me." It wasn't an accident. It was a collision caused by someone else's negligence. You were damaged. Why shouldn't you be compensated for your damage caused by his negligence?
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    Air Command testing Cedartown Georgia

    Of all people, I'm really glad to see that you got her flying and did so safely. Tommy
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    Duracell ruined my GPS

    I just recently took my Uniden handheld monitor out of storage to find that the Energizer batteries had leaked badly. I called Energizer and explained the situation. I offered to send pictures and/or the radio as proof but instead was offered compensation without any proof! I received a check...
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    RAF2000 rotor bearing and spindle "Jesus" bolt

    There are several other possibilities than the three mentioned. I have no interest in debating them with you. And, I have no problem at all naming anyone who is believed to be dishonest. I simply suggested that after outing him once, maybe twice and possibly even a third time, you cloud the...
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    RAF2000 rotor bearing and spindle "Jesus" bolt

    With every post where you continue to bash Dofin, you lose a little more credibility. If you have something of value to contribute to the Rotary Forum, do so. If all you want to do is put someone else down to make yourself feel good, do it somewhere else. I for one am tiring of you.
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    RAF 2000 For Sale

    SOLD! Thanks...
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    I replaced the original RAF blades on my machine with these several years ago and while I don't have enough experience flying (or building) gyros to offer anything but anecdotal evidence, I liked them. A lot! They were smooth and easy to fly.
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    RAF 2000 For Sale

    I am offering my 2003 RAF 2000 for sale. It is a regular flyer with 302 hours, a Don Parham Horizontal Stabilizer mounted on a 24" keel extension. The engine was replaced in 2007 with a newly rebuilt EJ22 purchase from Colorado Component Rebuilders. At that time, the heads were milled giving...
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    Raf 2000 gyroplane

    It's replacement has already been found. Just need to find a Good home for my RAF.
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    Raf 2000 gyroplane

    I'm offering my modified RAF for sale here and on Barnstormers. I've flown this machine for eight years and loved it. But, I've also yearned for a single seat machine and have found one that suits my purpose. As soon as I sell this baby, I'll get a new baby. Here is the ad that is now on...
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    Don Parnham Suspension NEW Kit List

    Alan, I found the installation instructions. I've scanned and emailed them to you. Tommy