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  • Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Amen Tina, don't let them push you around, AWAD is the worst one, banned me but I went over his head and got back on, some people can't handle the truth
    HI Tina, Inventer here,. I am glad to see woman get into this sport. I can't even get my wife involved with me. All she did, is put Insurance on me, I wonder who is the B..... She is an RN and doesn't FLY. But I do! So, U keep up the good work and keep on flying, OK !
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. I hope one day to fly in your neck of the woods and get to meet you and all the other club members. If you ever get the chance to get to Wauchula stop in for spell, the beer is cold, the fire is hot and the music is best any where around. Be safe ,be cool J.R. Brown, Soma Grey.
    Hello Tina! Seems Im getting pritty obsessed with the forum, but one should do what gives you that little extra energy every day right! Se you on the forum.
    Karl Hagström
    You go girl. Dont let these people get to you. Im a target willing to take some of your heat for ya. I got big shoulders woman. Hang in there and watch em try and beat me up. Besides I just joined a month ago and its gonna get ugly some times but I live for the fight. :)
    HI Tina;
    I got your "friend request" but not sure what this means. I don't get to the forum as much as I use to. Not sure what my role would be or what is expected from this "special" request. My thoughts are that we are all friends, but perhaps I am overly optomistic. You can consider me a friend. Let me know what you want. More later
    [email protected]
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